Kia Nero Plus has launched a line of taxi purpose-built vehicles

Kia has unveiled a range of purpose-built vehicles that will include cars aimed at a variety of business and personal users. The first member of the lineup is the Nero Plus, an evolution last generation model designed primarily for business drivers and taxi fleets.

Apparently, the biggest changes between consumer Nero and Plus are found on the back. The roof line of the crossover is like that of a boxer and more vans, the third side windows are longer as a result and the hatch is more steep. New trim pieces reduce visual mass.

Two variants of the Niro Plus will be offered at launch. The first targets drivers who need a car that requires both their work and leisure. Kia imagines that these drivers will use Nero Plus for weekly deliveries and weekend camping, for example. Customers who choose this version will be able to choose between an electric, a plug-in hybrid and a regular hybrid powertrain.

The second plus is specially designed for taxi drivers. Offered as an EV only, it is about 0.3 inches long and about three inches taller than the standard Nero of the previous generation, and is fitted with thin seats as well as thin door panels. These changes make the cabin more spacious. Kia added what is called an all-in-one display designed to replace the various screens that taxi and ride-hauling drivers typically have on their dashboard. It features a navigation system, an app-based taximeter and a digital tachograph, among other functions.

Kia expects the purpose-built vehicle segment to grow significantly in the coming years, and it wants to lead the pack by 2030. To that end, it has begun to create a platform specifically to “underpin a range of models of different shapes and sizes,” some of which will be marketed as an effective alternative to public transport and others that will double as offices on wheels. The first car built in this architecture will debut in 2025 and will take the form of a medium-sized model. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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