Kawasaki Electric goes kids dirty e-bike June 7?

After our meeting with the design and planning chiefs of Kawasaki Motors in Shah Alam last week, it looks like an electric motorcycle will arrive from Kawasaki a little sooner than we expected. Although this may not be what everyone expected, on May 19, Kawasaki posted a tweet from the USA.

In the post, a short teaser video shows a young rider standing on a dirt track and the next shot reflects part of the rider’s Google bike. Save the post as “The Good Times Electric” with a promise to publish q for June 7th.

A link to the Kawasaki U.S. website asks visitors to sign up, provided you are a U.S. resident 13 years of age or older. This led us to speculate that it would probably be a small children’s motocross with a 50cc to 80cc equivalent displacement, a racing class that is popular there.

It follows a statement from Hiroshi Ito, CEO of Kawasaki during the 2021 EICMA Milan show, where he said, “I want to share a new promise with you now: next year in 2022, we will show at least three electric cars worldwide. This is a promise, “said Yasuhiko Hashimoto, president of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, adding that the company’s 2030 Group Vision plan will include electric, hybrid and hydrogen-fueled motorcycles.

Kawasaki has previously demonstrated the EV Endeavor, in a series of prototype electric motorcycle videos. During a meeting with Keishi Fukumoto, head of design, and Keishi Morohara, head of product planning at Kawasaki, Kawasaki is closely studying electrification measures, especially in the areas of batteries and motor technology.

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