JPJeBid – How to Bid Online for Your Favorite Car Number Plate, DIY and Avoid

Imagine if you could get exactly the thing you want and pay half or even a third of the market price for it, you would want to go a little longer to get it, right? A whim to visit a watch store or football club store during your vacation, or a drive to the premium outlets for that handbag, you want to do it. So I want.

This is almost the same as securing the ideal number plate for your new car. Almost, because unlike the examples above, you don’t even have to get up from your couch. Runners are no longer reserved with number plate bidding and JPJ eBid, an online bidding platform in which everyone can participate.

JPJ eBid was launched in April 2019 in the form of a pilot project, and the first number plate series online was Putrajaya FC. After FC, JPJ eBid was used by the department for KL plates in June 2019 with VDN series. It is now nationwide.

So, how to bid for a number in JPJ eBid? Huffridge and I successfully purchased the plate using the platform, so join us as we take you through the steps. The screenshots you see here are of the actual bidding process of Hafriz – you will see a failed bid and a winning bid.

Registration and payment

First, you need to register with JPJ eBid as an individual or company. Note that winning bids are not transferable, and are associated with the name of the person or company, so if the new car is in your name, you should also bid with your own JPJ eBid account – do not Overlap Your friends.

Once your account is activated, log in (user ID is your IC number or company registration number) and you will be able to see the number plate series currently available for bidding. This number is from all states; With an online system, a KL resident may have a parlis number plate, in contrast.

There is no limit to the amount of bids you can submit, and if two or three contemporary series are open for bidding, you can enter all of them if you wish. Note that there will be a non-refundable RM10 service charge for each number you bid on – think of it as a cover charge. Once entered, you can bid as many times as you want.

Example Earlier this month, both the VHW and JVG series were open for bidding on JPJ eBid at the same time. I want to try for number 25 and I enter both auctions. I pay RM10 for each “room” and total RM20. I can then bid on the content of my heart for VWH 25 and JVG 25. Win or lose, RM20 them.

Although you can bid on any number of your choice, each person can win up to only three numbers per series and each company can win up to five numbers per series. Presumably, this limitation is to prevent number plate resellers and businesses from dominating the auction, giving private shoppers like you and me a shot at it.

One frequent question about JPJ eBid is “how to pay”. Of course, you will need a credit or debit card, but it must be a Malaysian-issued card. RM10 “entry fee” is a simple charge on the card, while payments for your bids are pre-approval of the full bid amount for each bid. An example of a pre-proof transaction is when you pay for a hotel deposit at check-in – suppose they hold your money, as opposed to taking well.

When you increase your bid, another pre-proof transaction (top up amount) will be made. If you win the bid, all transactions (initial bids and all top ups) will be charged to your card. If you do not, transactions will be reversed and you will not see them in your statement. Keep in mind that the reverse is not immediate and may take a few days to clear.

Bidding process

So how much? There is no limit to how high a bid can be, but there is a minimum price for each category number. The JPJ divides the numbers into four categories, which are roughly translated as Golden (number Bernillai Utama), Attractive (number Menaric), Popular (erm, Popular) and Regular (Biasa).

Click to enlarge

The base price for top-level golden numbers (1-10) is RM20,000, and each bid increase is RM1,000, for attractive numbers (10-19; 22, 33, 66; 222, 333, 666; 2222, 3333, 6666) The lowest bid is RM3,000 and each bid increase is RM150

Popular numbers include 2- and 3-numbers which are interesting, 1000/2000/7000 and do not fall under “Number Kahwin” such as 3030, 4242, 3003, 4224 – minimum bid RM800, increase RM40. All other numbers start with an increase from RM300 to RM15.

Those bid increments are 5% of the corresponding base price, but 30 minutes before the bid expires – when the actual work is done – the increments are 10%. This means that the minimum bid increase is up to RM2,000, RM300, RM80 and RM30 respectively.

For each bid you make, you will receive a confirmation notification in your JPJ eBid website / app inbox. Don’t focus on it though, because it will take your eyes off the ball, so to speak. The last minute before the bell rings is intense.

Monitor your bid position

Although the JPJ eBid platform allows everyone to buy directly, it still requires some dedication to get the number of your choice, especially if it is a sought after one. It is not for those who are not active; Unless you’re going to gaze at everyone with a set above the norm, you can’t just make a bid in your own time and go through it. There is some observation and fighting.

Typically, the bidding period is more than five days, but the “auction room” is quite quiet until the last hour before the cut-off time on the last day, which is usually at 10 pm.

You can hurry up your bid, just to feel how it was done. If this bid is lost, you will be notified via website / app inbox. There are no email notifications, unfortunately, so you need to log in to monitor your current location. The top three current bids appear on your dashboard, so you know how much you have to top up to lose them.

It’s all very straightforward and orderly, but it’s before the war starts. In the last 30 minutes, as bids arrive, the site is likely to slow down or even hang and the leaderboard may not be able to catch the update.

For a higher probability of success, you can make a higher bid that you will not be beaten that confident, but that means you will not get the “best value”. It can’t have it all, can it?

Ultimately, it depends on how many numbers you want, and also the scope of the opportunity, whether you have good last minute access to your system / payment. The system isn’t perfect – email notifications will help, and last minute “blackouts” of the site can be frustrating when you’re on the run.

Remember that if it’s a popular number, you’re not the only one watching it, so enter the race, but be prepared to lose. Also, the winning number cap and the non-transferable clause give us a chance, we are still going against the resellers with a lot of knowledge of internal work. Maybe they are Got the wayMaybe not, but their inventory is huge.

Anyway, win or lose, you will receive an email from JPJ the next day. If you start with your letter SukchitaCongratulations, you now own the number plate of your choice.

If you Dissatisfied (OK, out of curiosity), you can check the amount of winning bids. However, checking is only for the numbers you have bid ৷ You can use this winning quantity as a personal reference or as a fair measure for a certain type of number, for future use, although it is not the exact science and there are many variables. Hafeez liked his 3118, and the winning bids in the three series he participated in were RM330 (his), RM560 and RM1,100.

I won, now what?

You won’t know if you’ve won until the next day, when there’s an email Failed Begins with the title or Glad to know. Attached is an official letter that gives you the right crown of the number of your choice, which must be registered in a car within 12 months. If there is no registration within a year, the number will be revoked and no refund will be given.

Usually, the numbers are not transferable, but JPJ makes an exception for instant family members – father, mother, husband, wife, siblings and children. If you want to transfer the number to a family member, you will need to provide proof of your relationship when registering the car. It can be a birth or marriage certificate. No transfers are allowed for companies, associations and collaborations.

If transfer is not allowed, then why are there so many number plate sellers nearby? One method is to register the tendered number on a new motorcycle for them, usually the cheapest kapchai available. Buy the plate from them and they will exchange a (legal) plate between the registered bike and your unregistered new / re-vehicle. The plate you bought from the reseller will be transferred from their bike to your car, which will then get a new running number.

If you are buying a new car, just let the sales advisor know that you already have a number plate waiting for you and hand over your winning bid letter – they will do the rest.

That’s it. Not too hard, isn’t it? We hope this simplified guide will help. If we miss anything, just ask us in the comments below and we will try our best to answer. Good luck and good auction!

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