JPJ eBid: MDP number plate, QAB_E for bidding

The Department of Road Transport (JPJ) has announced a series of MDP and QAB_E registration number plates that are open for bidding through the online platform, JPJ eBid.

Melakar’s latest series number, ‘MDP’, will start bidding this Thursday 12th May Bidding through JPJ eBid will last for five days, ending May 16 at 10pm. As usual, the results will be released the next day, May 17, 2022 The whole process is now online, and bidders will receive good news (or otherwise) via email

Another series of registration numbers on JPJ eBid is ‘QAB_E’ from Sarawak, which started bidding on May 7 and ended on May 11 at 10 pm. Bidding results will be released on May 12. Previously, ‘QAB_E’ had already announced bids for May 1-5, but we’re not sure why it resumed bidding.

If so, you can expect help (at a fixed wage) from a third party Runner Getting a vehicle registration number, now via JPJ eBid, is quite easy to manage yourself. Wages have already been saved. If you would like to bid on your own, you may want to check out our previous article on JPJ eBid with the necessary ways to bid for the desired registration number.

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