JPJ eBid: BQY, AML, VJB plate open for bidding

JPJ has announced that BQY, AML and VJB plate numbers are the next series open for bidding through its online platform, JPJ eBid.

Selangor’s current plate number is currently “BQY” and will be open for tender tomorrow, May 25. The bidding period for JPJeBid will be five days, ending at 10pm on May 29th. As usual, the results will be announced the next day, May 30. The whole process has been online for some time now, and bidders will be notified via email.

Silver “AML” series is now being offered for bidding. The bidding period starts on May 23 and ends on May 27 at 10 pm. The same goes for the “VJB” region series, which opens on May 21 and ends tomorrow, May 25, at 10 p.m. Results will be notified one day after the last date of bidding.

“BQY” is the closest letter to the word “BOY”. The AML, on the other hand, may have been an acronym for the Aston Martin Lagonder in the 1980s, and probably saw an Aston Martin with an AML plate on the legs of some vehicles that may have been manufactured in the UK.

If you come across a new car and want a plate number from the series that makes money for you, this is the way for you to choose it and try your luck. More importantly, this way you will be able to avoid the high prices set by the reseller and also no fees Runner.

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