Jelly builds a second battery plant for her EV push

If you want to build more electric vehicles (EVs), you’ll need more batteries, and Chinese automaker Jelly is taking steps to make the next one more secure by building a second battery at home.

Chinese news reports indicate that the automaker has begun construction of a battery plant in Fuling District. The facility, which will have a capacity of 12 gigawatt hours (GWh), will increase existing production from its first plant in Ganzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

The new project has an estimated deadline of 24 months, with plans to start trial production by the end of 2023. According to the report, the facility – which will have a final capacity of up to 30 GWh – will be intended for battery research and development, as well as for the production of battery cells, modules and packs.

The new plant is being built in collaboration with Farasis Energy, a ganjo-based EV battery maker, one of the top 10 battery manufacturers in China. The 12 GWh filling enterprise is the second strategic collaboration between the two companies, the first with the Gonzho plant.

The two sides first decided to team up in December 2020, and an agreement was signed to develop battery production that would eventually reach the expected capacity of 120 GWh, although it was not disclosed when this capacity would be reached.

The total investment in the Gonzho project, which began in May last year, is about 30 billion yuan (RM18.97 billion), of which 8.5 billion yuan will be used to benefit the annual capacity. 12 GWh in the first stage.

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