Mike is someone who has survived his autobiographical dream.

It has a rich import business, a huge store space, Japanese-themed Spexy, and lots of JDM cars in SoCal and its two-acre parcels in Japan. I met Mike a while ago when I shot him in the van, and immediately knew there was something special about him.


After I visited his store in Corona, California, I was convinced that Mike was taking a life-split between America and Japan.


When I asked him about his inspiration for space, Mike said that many Japanese carmakers like the way they put their store under a hangout zone. These can be anything from small lounges to full-fledged karaoke bars.


Simply put, Mike wanted to apply this kind of thinking to his own workplace.


Speakeasies and well-thought-out shop designs are not something you often encounter in American car culture. This is usually a pile of filthy bathrooms and dusty car parts, which means – the space is designed to work. But Mike has gone beyond this useful point of view


An R34, crazy van and vintage Bosojoku Motorcycles will usually be the focus point in a US store, but here they are an important part of the whole lifestyle.

Untitled -32

Solidarity is important in all areas of life, and Mike is applying this principle to her in an impressive way. I was certainly inspired when I dropped by her shop.

Sarah Ryan
Instagram: pockowokosara

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