It is learned that Hyundai Sonata will not be available in other generations

The Korean Car Blog As seen in a report from South Korea Chosun ilbo Hyundai Sonata can’t make it for a ninth generation statement. Citing “insiders”, the outlet wrote that “it is an open privacy of the company that Sonata will be shut down, and Sonata assembly lines are being converted to make electric vehicles.” Hyundai has closed its ICE development divisions and aims to become a fully electric car manufacturer by 2040. KCB quoted a Hyundai official as saying, “DN9, the next generation sonata model development project is not underway,” using DN9. The codename of the vehicle type and generation number, and a parts supplier also offered, “There is no definite content about the development of the DN9 parts.”

The ninth-generation Sonata is predicted to arrive by 2025 If the latest reports from the model are true, Hyundai will now grab a 37-year-old nameplate, which has sold over nine million worldwide on its balance sheet. The Sonata is the oldest model of the South Korean automaker, and in Avanta, it is the third-best-selling model internationally, after our Elantra and Accent.

Various reasons are given for possible action. The first is the current Sonata Sales Deep. Last year, the Korean outlet Automatic post Rumors of a redesigned model preceding normal cadence have been reported as high-considered sonata adventure appears to be partly responsible for the home market and sales slump in North America. A maximum of 216,936 units were sold in the U.S. in 2014, while in 2021, Sonata found only 83,434 U.S. buyers. Preliminary figures from 2022 show that a bloodbath may be on the way, not something a manufacturer would like to consider for an offer for just three years of its life. Of course, it’s hard to blame for the decline in sedan sales – especially the Midsize – when the segment in general is free.

There is also the transformation of Hyundai Motor Group as an EV manufacturer. Ioniq 5 has done great business for the firm, Ioniq 6 is forthcoming, and Ioniq 7 is on the way. Chosun ilbo “We cannot deny an electric sonata, but we do prefer the development of a compact electric car to the less popular medium-sized car,” an internal source was quoted as saying. Keep in mind, on the other side of the family fence, Kia Stinger was said to be the victim of the same shift, with rumors that it will come to an end by the end of Q2 this year.

We have been told that a facelift is underway for Sonata, which will make its debut later this year or early next year. After that, it may fade.

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