In Malaysia the BMW i7 – EV 7 series has been featured on local sites, up to 544 PS and

Less than a week after its official launch, the BMW i7 has already appeared on the BMW Malaysia website, along with the specification details as well as the Registration of Interest (ROI). As shown on the website, the battery of this electric car (EV) is capable of providing distances up to 615 kilometers, and its maximum power can reach 440 kilowatts (600 PS), able to accelerate the M60 variant from 0. -100 km / h in less than four seconds.

Offered in the xDrive60 version, the dual-motor power generator comes with a 258 PS / 365 Nm front motor and a 313 PS / 380 Nm motor for the rear motor, with total power shown between 544 PS and 745 Nm of torque. The website allows the i7 to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 4.7 seconds and reach speeds of up to 240 km / h with an electronic limiter.

Powered by a 101.7 kWh lithium-ion battery, it can achieve charging status of 10% to 80% through a 195 kW charging center in just 50 minutes. However, if 11 kW AC charging is used through a type connection that can provide distances up to 100 km, it can be fully charged in one hour 38 minutes or about 9.5 hours.

Based on the information displayed on the website, the i7 comes with features with an illuminated ‘kidney’ grille Iconic glow, “Great entry moment” welcome scenarioIs regulated through the internal environment My modeAnd a 31.3-inch ceiling-mounted theater screen for rear passengers.

Also a panoramic solar roof is provided Sky LoungeWhich allows natural light to enter the cabin during the day as well as the effect of dynamic light at night.

Compact configurations for rear passengers are also listed, including seats Executive LoungeOffer customized rear passenger seats Ottoman Where BMW calls it ‘foot rest’, which can recline up to 42.5 degrees. There is also a 5.5-inch touch screen on each door for the second row.

For drivers, the i7 offers Curved display 14.9-inch for infotainment and also BMW interaction bar Which is horizontal along the dashboard.

For digital functionality, BMW i7 owners can order features ConnectedDrive Increased, including the function of the steering wheel with heating Parking assistant professionalAnd all these features will start in the fourth quarter of this year.

Includes other features provided BMW remote software upgrade For updates On the air And Digital key plus Which allows drivers to use the smartphone as i7 key. BMW further said, through the app My BMWA total of five people may be allowed to use the car.

For full details and prices offered for this BMW i7, stay tuned for further development from BMW Malaysia.

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