Improved Touch ‘n Go sold out, new stock entering this June; Cards sold

High demand for the Enhanced Touch ‘n Go card has forced some parties to take the opportunity to resell it online at a much higher price than the actual price of RM10. Even before it was officially sold on April 22, some sold it at a higher price than the set.

Our survey found that some online retailers have sold new cards Advanced Touch ‘n Go Price up to RM100 offered through online sales platform Shoppe.

However, if you want to buy it online, even with a high price, you need to confirm the authenticity of the offer before you buy.

If, as a result of the inquiry response submitted to the company, the official is willing to wait for the sale of new stock of the card on the Touch ‘n Go channel, Batch The next one will be available around this June.

When Advanced Touch ‘n Go The retail price of RM10 is the same as the previous version of the card without the Neaf-field Communication (NFC) function, and this new version is paired with an NFC feature that can be attached to the back of the phone with applications that have NFC function for five seconds, and You can then use the app to view the balance and top it up (put the card back on the phone).

Although most road users no longer need to physically top up because they already have a PayDirect function, this advanced card is still useful for those who use the Touch ‘n Go card on the North-South Highway (can’t use Pedirect), parking lots and services and Other places.

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