Hyundai Santa Cruz taps WorkSport for Solar Toniu cover

Canadian company Worksport has been making Toniu covers for pickup trucks since 2011. It announced a solar tonic cover last year that said it could produce more than 1,000 watts of power, depending on the size of the pickup bed. The Hyundai America Technical Center (HATCI), which seems to have taken note of all the group car designs, technology and engineering hands sold in North America, seems to have taken note. Has entered into a formal agreement with HATCI and provided CAD data at Worksport to build a prototype of an energy saving unit called Solis Solar Toniu and COR for Santa Cruz pickups. Here’s the impressive part: It’s being considered “for Hyundai’s still-announced car”.

It turns out that the Solis is the customer-oriented aspect of WorkSport called the Teravis, the solar cover announced last year, pictured above in a Toyota pickup. For that product, the site claims that modular monocrystalline solar panels with about 22% efficiency are mounted on the power rails of Toniu. That modularity means that decayed cells can be exchanged for fresh units. The captured energy is fed into a modular power bank of separate 2-kW power units attached to the inner wall of the bed. The last unit is fitted with a portable battery bank that can hold 1.5 kW, a 1,500-watt AC inverter and four 1,500-watt outlets.

Considering the size of the Santa Cruz, WorkSport says the prototype Toniu cover will be able to generate 650 watts of power depending on the conditions. WorkSport has until October this year to present its prototype at the Hyundai head office, and both sides “want to explore the benefits of each other’s products to determine the effectiveness of future partnerships.”

Solar panels and bed-mounted power banks in automotive spaces usually come up in discussions of electric pickup trucks and work trucks, none of which describe Santa Cruz. Naturally, we are interested in Hyundai’s plans for a small lifestyle holler, and in particular “not yet announced” Hyundai.

To the public, the TerraVis site informs potential retail customers that it is “currently in the design and pre-production stages of TerraVis and TerraVis Cor” and is working to establish a facility for solar cover and energy storage. Method.

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