Hyundai / Kia withdraws 32 vehicles for risk of steering column failure

Hyundai and Kia are bringing back a small number of cars to solve a potential problem that could lead to loss of steering control. Of the population withdrawn, only 30 Kia Rios and Fortes and 2 Hyundai Accents left the factory with an inappropriate torque-bearing key bolt along the column of the steering rack. The recall only applies to the 2021-2022 models that Kia Motors Mexico made between June 2021 and February 2022, the two brands said.

“The bottom steering column of some vehicles did not get the torque to be tightened properly by the supplementary wrench during the assembly of the U-joint bolt vehicle,” Kia’s error report said. “An improperly tightened bottom steering column U-joint bolt can loosen over time causing the steering to be damaged. If the steering column and steering rack disconnect while driving, the driver will lose control of the vehicle, which is a risk.” Increase that crash. “

Since the recall population is very small, many of these vehicles are unlikely to be in the hands of customers, but if you are taking delivery of a vehicle covered by the campaign, you can hear Hyundai and Kia roar or other unusual sounds (or physical vibrations) from the column, which is a loose bolt. Can point. Owners should be notified of the availability of withdrawal services by July.

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