Huawei Malaysia, KVC Link Up for EV Charger Supply

EV charger with Huawei’s 20 kW high charger DC charging module

Huawei Malaysia has entered into a partnership with KVC Industry Supply to supply EV chargers and meet the country’s growing demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed last weekend in Singapore, where Huawei’s APAC Digital Innovation Congress was taking place.

KVC will be the main buyer and complementary partner responsible for the collection and installation of EV chargers, while Huawei Malaysia will be the technology provider which will also provide product training. NST Report

“We believe that building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders is a way to catalyze the growth of the national green ecosystem that will benefit humans and the planet,” said Eddie Wong Kok Leong, MD of KVC Country, adding that the company has been proud to work with Huawei since 2017. Has established a long and successful partnership.

EV charging site at Shanghai’s Hankiao Airport with Huawei Highcharger technology

Wong added that the Memorandum of Understanding will provide opportunities for both sides to facilitate and integrate their technologies to promote low-carbon mobility. To date, KVC has sold and installed more than 150 charge points nationwide on residential, commercial and industrial sites.

“In the roadmap of the automotive industry, EV is considered as the future of the automotive industry. Due to the growing demand for EVs in the Malaysian market, the need to enable more EV charging has become a necessity and an important factor in boosting the confidence of the consumer segment to convert to EVs, ”said Chong Cheron Peng, Huawei’s VP of Digital Power.

“Huawei is always open to collaborating with partners to create an holistic ecosystem to improve the EV charging network in Malaysia, with the ultimate goal of supporting partners, both public and private EV manufacturers, to enhance the charging experience of EV users.” Added

Pictured above is an EV taxi charging site at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2. Built by Enigon Energy using a 30 kW Huawei Highcharger DC charging module, it provides about 7 million kWh of charging capacity per year with an annual failure rate. Less than 0.2%.

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