How to change a dome light bulb and fuse

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Are you still fumbling around in the dark? Cut it out! We will teach you how to quickly and easily change a dome light.

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[00:00:00] Are you still fumbling around in the dark? Today we will learn how to fix a dysfunctional dome light quickly and easily. Here are the tools you need to do it yourself A replacement bulb, a flat head screwdriver and possibly a fuse. I’m Larry Kosilla, Pro Detailler and Trainer for the last 15 years, but when what’s under the hood, I’m that student! Follow me on Autoblog Wrenched as experts teach me how to diagnose, repair and modify cars. Okay Matt, the light in my dome went out and you know, it’s a very simple solution.

[00:00:30] I went there, I pulled the cover, and I replaced the bulb, but it still didn’t work. What should I do? – OK if your dome light has no power, you should probably check your service manual and see where your fuse box is located. Then find out which number of fuses you need to check. – [Larry] First we need to remove the cover on the dome light. Usually the plastic has a small groove. Take a small screwdriver, and insert it into the groove, and the cover pops out. Close the cover, turn on the light switch again, and make sure the light goes out. Then the bad lights pop out.

[00:01:00] In our case, we only had one bulb in the housing, so it wasn’t a big deal. Now insert the new bulb, which may require some shaking. If the bulb works, pop the cover, that’s it. Quite simply, however, if the light still doesn’t shine, we need to check a blown fuse. Find the location of the fuse box in your owner’s manual. Once located, remove the cover of the fuse box. Each fuse will have a diagram inside explaining what electrical components it controls. Find the dome or interior light, which is in numerical order according to the diagram.

[00:01:30] Use fuse pullers, usually found in fuse boxes or small pliers. If the fuse is blown, as is the case here, the inner metal strip must be blown and broken to make sure it is blown and replaced. Replace the blown fuse with the same amperage. Never use a high amp fuse, as an overload circuit can cause an electrical fire. Having a work interior lighting is more than just a nice feature. If you ever leave your keys or phone in your car at night, you will appreciate having a functional light.

[00:02:00] To learn more about car repair videos, visit I am Larry Kosilla from As always, thanks for watching!

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