How much will the Toyota Majesty – van-based MPV cost in 2022 Malaysia?

Toyota Alfred and Welfare are often considered the go-to option for buyers who want a large MPV with plenty of interior space and luxury. It is said that MPVs are very popular, so much so that after being offered both by gray importers, UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has officially decided to sell here.

However, what if you want something bigger? Well, in Thailand, shoppers there have access to Majesty, which is basically a luxury version of the latest commuter (also known as HIS) passenger van that re-launched in 2019. Majesty also goes by other names, such as Granus in Japan, as well as Granvia in Taiwan and Australia.

In terms of size, Majesty outperforms Alfred and Welfare, as it packs a wheelbase 5,265 mm long, 1,950 mm wide, 1,990 mm long and 3,210 mm wide. By comparison, its 320 mm / 330 mm long, 100 mm wide and 95 mm longer than Alfred & Welfare, which is 4,945 mm (Alfard) or 4,935 mm (Welfare) long, 1,850 mm wide, 1,895 mm. Majesty’s wheelbase is also 3,000mm to 210mm longer than those MPVs.

With its larger dimensions, the Majesty can accommodate 11 passengers in a 3-2-2-4 layout, more than the maximum of eight passengers (2-3-3 layouts) on other monocoque-built Toyota MPVs. Of course, all three have other seating configurations, including fewer seats to increase passenger comfort (legroom, shoulder room, etc.).

In the market where it is sold, the Majesty / GranAce / Granvia is powered by a 1GD-FTV 2.8 liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that drives the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. In Japan and Australia, the mill serves 177 PS (174 hp) and 450 Nm of torque, but in Thailand, the figures are 163 PS (161 hp) and 420 Nm.

In Thailand, Majesty is offered in three variants, with a base standard retailing of 1.709 million baht (RM217,611), followed by a premium of 1.899 million baht (RM241,769) and a range-topping grand 2.199 million baht (RM241,769). Although it is a larger car than the Alfred sold there, the latter is priced between 3.838 and 5.458 million baht (RM488,701 and RM694,970).

At the top-spec Grand, features include plenty of chrome exterior bits, power-sliding doors, LED headlamps and taillights, a seven-inch head unit, a 12-speaker sound system, powered second row seats and driver seats, leather upholstery. , A complete suite of wood interior trim, keyless entry and start, nine airbags as well as a passive and Toyota Safety Sense Active system.

Currently, Majesty is not officially sold in Malaysia, and you probably won’t find any Majesty listings by gray importers. However, there are plenty of GranAce units imported from Japan with prices close to the RM400,000 mark. In Japan, GranAce’s G (eight-seater) and premium (six-seater) variants range from 6.2 to 6.5 million yen (RM207,762 and RM217,815) across variants.

At approximately RM400,000, these Gray Import Grain units will therefore be located between UMWT-derived Vellfire 2.5L (RM367,881 OTR without insurance) and Alphard 3.5L (RM464,000) (by price). If we extrapolate from the Thai price, the entry-level Majesty is about 55% less than the cheapest Alfred there, so the Majesty would theoretically be around RM208,800 here, even though it would actually be more than RM350,000?

At that price point, Majesty seems to be a very attractive offer for those who want something bigger than Alfred and Welfare, don’t you think? Would you welcome a car like the Majesty here, or the current crop of premium Toyota MPVs is already big enough and doesn’t need anything bigger? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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