Honda ZR-V is renamed US-market HR-V for China – Civic-based SUV with 1.5 VTEC

GAC Honda has released the first picture of the new Honda ZR-V, and if it seems familiar, because it is basically the US-market HR-V that we saw last month but a different name for China.

To summarize, the US-market HR-V is based on the 11th-generation Civic and is classified as a C-segment SUV, making it a larger vehicle than other B-segment HRVs that preceded it. Came. After the United States and China, the HR-V will also be sold in Europe under a different nameplate and will slot between the CR-V and HR-V, which are already being sold in the region.

By design, the ZR-V is a carbon copy of the US-market HR-V, standout hints are a large, octagonal shaped grille, relatively thin LED headlamps and an L-shaped DRL and C-shaped molding bottom apron. The same taillight design is also found on the back, although the dual exhaust has not been seen in the HR-V’s press photos before. There are no interior shots yet but hopefully the cabin will be almost identical to the HR-V, even with some minor changes.

For the powertrain, the “240 Turbo” symbol on the sculpted tailgate – also used for the Integra sold by GAC Honda – suggests that the ZR-V will be powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine paired with a CVT. Integra’s VTEC Turbo unit serves 182 PS (180 hp) and 240 Nm of torque – the same figures as the HR-V. It should be noted that the symbol is also used in other Honda models in China, such as the CR-V, Breeze, Avancier, UR-V and Civic.

More details like the price will be revealed later, as GAC Honda is currently receiving registrations of interest before an official launch this year. It wouldn’t be surprising if Dongfeng sells a sister model to the Honda ZR-V, though tweaked to make some difference.

As a side note, the ZR-V refers to a C-segment SUV in China, the name being suggested for a small, compact crossover previewed by the SUV RS concept presented at the 2021 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). Made for the Southeast Asian market, the ZR-V is accompanied by Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize (and our Perodua Ativa).

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