Honda Prologue Electric SUV Tizzed – co-developed with GM based on Cadillac

Honda has released the first teaser of its upcoming electric SUV, the Prologue, almost two years before its scheduled debut in early 2024. The car will be the first real result of the collaboration with General Motors – which will also see the arrival of an Akura-badged sibling – as the car maker tries to make up for the time lost intentionally with electric vehicles.

The Prologue will be the first Honda EV to be sold in North America (the e-hatchback is only offered in Europe and Japan) and is said to be the first Honda to be designed primarily using virtual reality virtualization. This approach was necessary due to the need for remote work during the COVID-19 epidemic and the need for designers in Los Angeles to collaborate effectively with the Japanese design and development team.

The only sketch given shows a relatively clean design with strong shoulders, an upward window line and prominent black body cladding. The front end, like the black mask, is said to be inspired by the Honda e and includes thin headlights with horizontal daytime running lights, where a trapezoidal air intake and vertical corner inlets can be found below.

Elsewhere, the charging port is located in the left front fender and the door mirrors are mounted on the door body, the latter in the new Civic and HR-V. Honda says it pays special attention to aerodynamics to reduce wind noise, especially given the silent powertrain.

The proposal will use the same platform as Cadillac Lyric and ultium battery technology

Under the skin, the prologue will be based on GM’s modular electric platform and ultium battery technology, which also underpins the GMC Hummer EV and Chevrolet Silverado EV pick-up and Cadillac Lyric SUV. No details have been released but hopefully the car will share similar specs with the Lyriq, which should be the same size as the Honda.

The Cadillac comes in two variants – a single-motor rear-wheel-drive version with 340 hp and 440 Nm of torque, as well as an all-wheel-drive model with twin motors and approximately 500 hp. The 100 kWh lithium-ion battery provides an EPA-approximately 502 km range for the RWD model and can be charged with DC fast charging power up to 190 kW, adding a range of 112 km in just ten minutes.

The Prologue is a kind of stopgap, paving the way for electronic models based on Honda’s own e-architecture (not to be confused with the Chinese-market e-n architecture) that will go on sale in 2026. This is not the end The GM partnership, however, plans to offer a range of “affordable” EVs based on a co-developed platform, due to arrive in 2027. Honda expects to sell about 500,000 EVs in North America by 2030.

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