Honda CR-V 2023 – The first image of the sixth generation model has spread, still in use

It is rumored that the sixth generation Honda CR-V will be unveiled to the world later this year or early next year. However, there is a possibility that this happened earlier because some pictures of the SUV (called a production version) have already begun to spread on the Internet.

The body lines of this car can be seen following the HR-V, as seen in a patent photo that was leaked three months ago. Among the design features that can be seen are the more steep front, thin headlights that extend to the side, a large compartmental grille and an L finish at the corners of the bumper.

Pictures of this original car also show a line of windows that are slightly tilted to the rear, its L-shaped headlights still follow the same concept as the current fifth generation model, but with slightly different details. Along with the not-so-bullying boot door, it now looks like a Volvo.

On the other hand, the lower twin exhaust nozzles still use a bogie shape similar to the fifth generation model (replacing the round shape of the previous model). Facelift), But the outline has changed slightly and the aperture looks bigger.

In addition to showing off a Chinese market model, this CR-V’s badge is a Turbo variant, thus ensuring that the now-used 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo engine will continue to be used. Although the power currently produced is expected to exceed 193 PS and 243 Nm.

Two hybrid actuators are also expected to arrive, the first being an E: HEV such as the Civic offering 184 PS and 315 Nm of torque, the other a variant. Plug-in hybrid Which is similar to the CR-V sold in China since 2020.

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