Honda CR-V 2023 – 6th Generation Model Broadcast Teaser!

After the full picture was leaked a few days later, Honda has now posted the picture Teaser The official, global exposure signal for the new generation Honda CR-V will be created soon. Although we’ve already seen the full look of this SUV through previously leaked photos, pictures Teaser This published official reveals some sources as actual details.

Inside Teaser Broadcast by American Honda Motor Co., the sixth generation CR-V comes in dark blue. Interestingly, it also displays the hybrid symbol which is placed under the CR-V badge on the back. According to Honda America, the CR-V Sportier will have a more sophisticated hybrid system for driving.

For the existing US market CR-V, it is already offered with a hybrid system that uses Intelligent-Multi Mode Drive (i-MMD) system. The system has a 2.0-liter engine that acts almost entirely as a generator to charge the battery, while the front wheels are almost always driven by an electric motor.

The statement said the new generation CR-V would be given a more sophisticated hybrid system, meaning the CR-V would get a plug-in hybrid system with a larger battery and allow it to run on full electric power. The petrol engine does not start at a greater distance.

The fifth-generation CR-V model was previously introduced in a plug-in hybrid version with a 17 kWh battery that allows it to travel 65 km (WLTP cycles) with electric power only, but only for the Chinese market. So, probably starting from CR-V 2023, plug-in hybrid system will be offered for the global market.

This image also reveals how the LED stripes look in daylight as well as the graphics of the backlight when it is turned on. Overall, this new generation CR-V is designed with the same body line concept as the third generation HR-V.

Pictures of the sixth generation Honda CR-V in the Chinese market (above left and right) as well as previously leaked patent drawings

Details provided in this latest design include front notch, slim and tapered headlights, a cleaner front grille on both sides of the front bumper and an L-shaped finish.

The sixth-generation CR-V still features L-shaped taillights, but the new design makes it look like a Volvo model. This new generation model also gets an exhaust tip housing attached to the bumper, which is different from previous models that feature the actual tip placed under the bumper.

No other details have been announced by Honda, including when the actual date of this model will be fully revealed. For now, what do you think of this new generation CR-V? More beautiful than the previous model or vice versa?

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