Hockey legend Jerome Jagar on the Kia EV6 T-bone tram

Former NHL legend Jerome Jagger finally hung up his stateside skates after an unreasonably long career at the end of the 2017-2018 season, but the 50-year-old still plays hockey in his native Czech Republic. He went to Instagram on Wednesday morning to report a crash while driving his Kia EV6. Apparently he didn’t have enough time to clear a set of tram tracks before the tram arrived, and the high-speed shuttle pushed his car into the driver’s side door. He posted a picture of the car with the broken door and blown airbag.

The full caption via Google Translate is:

“Dear fans, and everyone else. I want to tell you briefly what happened today when I was in an accident. It was my fault.

“In Plzeňská, I tried to cross from one side to the other. I checked the other side and drove on it at the right time. But there was a lot of traffic and I did not have time to respond to the tram, which was as high as me. Going at speed.I noticed him half a meter in front of me at the last moment.I thought it was my last.

“I have always believed in it Say majeure I have a hand on it, and today I saw it again. Thank God!

“And it surprised me and actually saved my Kia, from which, despite what it looked like, I came out unharmed. But most importantly, nothing happened to the tram passengers. I want to end this tragedy. And I want everyone to understand them.” Thank you and for helping those who intervened. “

The report said local police tested a breathalyzer at the scene and the results returned negative. The New York Post Although Jagar wrote that “one of his hands was slightly injured and he was seen violating while leaving an ambulance”, he refused to go to the hospital. Looking at the door of the EV6, it was impressive that Jagar felt spruce enough to walk away and read. It is also a testament to the safety of modern vehicles; Kia looks like the “next” figure of the 2022 EV6 through Europe’s NCAP side pole test, which slides a vehicle into a rigid pole at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

We’re glad we’re awake and well, and we hope this isn’t a new annual trend. Last year, golfer Tiger Woods proved just how safe the Genesis GV80 is, now hockey player Jagar tested the EV6 in a real-world crash. Here it is expected that no athlete will complete Hyundai Group trifecta with Hyundai in 2023.

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