Hertz, Shelby again tie up with 900-hp GT500-H6

It’s official: Hertz has another Shelby Mustangs race to offer tenants. What started in 1966 with a Rent-A-Racer program with a Shelby GT350-H is back with a 2022 Shelby GT500-H and a Mustang GT-H. The GT500-H spools more than 900 horsepower for a 3.8-liter whiple supercharger and Shelby tuning. This is at least 140 hp higher than the Ford Mustang GT500 and at least 75 hp higher than the latest Shelby Super Snake. The weighted carbon fiber hood shaves up to 30 pounds from the stock unit, as if vacationers are going to be worried about that extra weight. Other special features include a 20-inch monoblock wheel, a Borla cat-back exhaust, tinted windows, illuminated door seals and lots of Hertz and Shelby badging. Twenty-five of these king’s snakes are on the fleet, including 19 historic black twin gold stripes, six Oxford white Shelby American to honor the 60th anniversary.

The GT-H comes with a Shelby Deep-Draw hood, 20-inch wheels on stalled tires, Borla Cat-back exhaust, tinted windows and lots of commemorative badges. They will come in Rapid Red Metallic, Oxford White, Carbonized Gray or Shadow Black, all with twin gold stripes.

The GT500-H will run $ 399 per day, the GT-H fastback and convertible cost $ 99 per day, available at airport locations. The 19 GT500-H units in the fleet can be rented in Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; And Phoenix, Arizona. Shelby GT-H Fastback and Convertibles will be at Atlanta, Georgia Airport; Dallas, Texas; Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, California; And Phoenix, Arizona. There are no restrictions for tenants, but the removal of vehicles from the lot will involve what is called a “customer journey” – essentially, Hertz ensures that customers understand what they are doing.

Hertz says it’s a three-year partnership that begins this summer, but the Shelbys will only be available later this year. After that, Hertz said it would put the cars up for sale; Because they are manufactured by Shelby American at the car manufacturer Nevada facility, each car is entered into the Shelby American Registry. Enthusiastic, start planning your vacation.

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