Government approves three highway projects in Klang Valley – PJD Link,

The government says it has approved the construction of three new highways around the Klang Valley to ease traffic congestion. In principle, Petaling Jaya Traffic Dispersal Elevated Highway (PJD Link), Putrajaya-Bangi Expressway (PBE) and Kuala Lumpur Northern Dispersal Expressway (KL NODE) ​​have been approved.

According to Public Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusuf, the construction of the new highway will create alternative routes for road users and reduce traffic congestion due to the increase in the number of vehicles. He said it was hoped that with these new highways, connectivity between the Klang Valley would improve.

He said the projects were among a number of private sector proposals and other proposals were still under consideration, both Utusan Malaysia And Daylightn report. He added that any new highway would have to follow a development plan based on five years of research.

“We will look into other proposals and hope that if approved, the private sector will comply with the set requirements and conditions,” he said.

Fadillah, however, said the government could not guarantee that the construction of the new highway would alleviate traffic congestion due to the increase in the number of vehicles on the road. He said that if the number of vehicles increases, traffic congestion will continue despite the new highways and passengers are advised to look at public transport as an alternative. FMT Report

“The government has continued to invest in public transport – such as MRT and LRT – to ensure that alternatives are available to the public. If 60% of people use roads and 40% of people use public transport, it can increase the number of vehicles and reduce potential traffic congestion, ”he said.

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