GMC Hummer EV SUV prototypes hit the Moab trail

It looks like GMC’s new Hummer EV pickup has just hit the market, but it’s almost time for the hype train to return for the next installment: the SUV. GM President Mark Reus shared photos of some of the prototypes crawling on rocks outside Moab shortly before the SUV’s expected arrival in the showroom sometime in early 2023, which he called “final test validity.”

“With its aggressive 49-degree exit angle and a tight turning radius of only 35.4-feet, the HUMMER EV SUV’s maneuverability, capability and performance make it an off-road supertrack,” Reuss said in a post with photos.

The over-the-river-and-through-the-woods routine depicted in the photo does not reveal anything we do not already know about the upcoming electric 4×4, but we can at least relate to that 49-degree exit angle; You will get the best 40.4 degrees from any Jeep Wrangler currently on sale.

GMC’s Hummer SUV will launch early next year with an 830-horsepower drivetrain, offering a driving range of about 300 miles. Prices before options start at $ 105,595. Later in 2023, GMC will release an EV2X variant with 625 horsepower, similar range and ট্যাগ 89,995 price tag.

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