GM issues stop-sale orders on heavy-duty trucks

General Motors has sent a stop-sale order to its Chevrolet and GMC dealers that applies to some examples of 2022 Silverrado HD, 2022 Silverrado MD and 2022 Sierra HD. Units affected by stop-sell orders can cause engine-related problems.

Citing anonymous sources, website GM authorities Wrote that Duramax could hydraulic 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8 on the damaged truck, which means the liquid could enter the cylinder and cause considerable damage. The report did not specify where the fluid would come from; Hydraulics can occur by driving through deep holes in the water, for example, but large amounts of coolant can also cause it.

The publication adds that the stop-sale order was assigned to the internal reference number N222362910. It further states that the trucks included may not be sold, may not be distributed to buyers, may not be transacted with another dealer, may be auctioned off, or may not be used for display until further notice.

Earlier in April 2022, GM authorities General Motors plans to purchase an indefinite number of Silverrado HD and Sierra HD trucks due to quality-related issues with the 6.6-liter V8. Details about the problems experienced by customers were not disclosed; We only know that each truck will be replaced, although the replacement may not have the same equipment due to the lack of running chips.

General Motors did not comment on the report. We have contacted the company and will update this story if we find out more.

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