GM has confirmed the Spark EV battery replacement, planning to make the pack year after year

Chevy plans to deliver a spark EV replacement battery above all else, the company confirmed late Wednesday after multiple outlets and various social media users shared news that Chevy dealerships have confirmed it will be shutting down. This is good news for owners of older Spark EVs who may need a replacement, but ongoing logistical issues may delay the availability of packs.

Although reports that batteries supplied by China’s A123 system are no longer available, GM has a solution in the form of a different supplier: LG Chem – the company that supplied the packs for the next Spark EV manufacturing unit.

Even a week ago, we posted that General Motors had stopped supplying battery packs for the Spark EV based on a story. EV-resources, Who told dealership service departments that the battery was unavailable This was confirmed by an anonymous GM executor who told the site, “We are no longer going to supply that battery.”

The Spark EV owner’s Facebook page said the same thing, the group contacted dealers and was told the battery was unavailable, and a dealer commented on the technology page that no one at the top had told him anything.

To inform us that the report is incorrect, GM wrote on Wednesday, “Although we are currently experiencing a temporary disruption in the supply of new Spark EV packs, GM is committed to providing replacement packs to Spark EV owners who will need them in the future and work with owners until supply issues are resolved. I will. “

We asked the spokesperson how they thought the story came from “GM temporarily out of Spark EV batteries” to “GM will not make Spark EV batteries again”. The answer began, “The batteries used in the 2014 MY Spark EV were supplied by another company, not LG.”

These units come from China’s A123 system, which encountered some problems with the first year of use after the 2013 Spark sale.

“We switched to LG in 2015 and to run the rest of the Spark EV,” the spokesman continued. “We had some replacement packs for 2014 with old supplier cells, but when they ran out we closed that part. [number] To re-order. [We] I think so [someone] I looked at it and came to the conclusion that we were no longer providing replacement packs, not realizing that other model year packs were compatible for use in the 2014 MY Spark EVs. “

That is, GM used its supply of replacement packs from the A123 system, and no one realized that the LG Chem packs were compatible with the Spark EVs that the A123 system packs used. The confusion was compounded by the fact that GM is currently out of LG Chem packs

Asked when GM thinks more LG Chem packs will be available, the spokesman said: “We are working with our suppliers to resolve these issues as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot give you the exact time when we should have enough packs available.”

Perhaps the most important question after that is what Spark EV owners can expect for the next decade. The packs come with an 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty, the last Spark EV battery can be covered up to 2025 depending on mileage. When asked if GM knows how long it plans to supply batteries for electric hatchbacks, we were told, “We’re working through plans to exceed the warranty period here and will have to share more soon.”

So, Spark EV owners, have fun. Well, whenever the packs are available again.

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