Give your mom a technical chance on this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we know how difficult it can be to shop for such an occasion. We wanted to put together a list of products that can help you give your mom the best possible gift: rest and solitude. If you want to grow up, you can always send her on an all-inclusive paid vacation, or even send her in the spring for a local massage package, but nowadays, thanks to these great pieces of technology, you can give your mom the vacation she deserves right in her own home. .

Key features

  • Multi-use foot and calf massager – you can even use it on your arms
  • Washable sleeves allow for easy cleaning
  • 3 heating mode
  • 3 levels of kneading intensity
  • 4 levels of squeeze intensity
  • No assembly required
  • Remote included

Nothing says luxury like foot massage, so why not give your mom this Rainfo foot massage with 3 heating modes, 4 levels of squeeze intensity and 3 levels of knot intensity? The great thing about this kind of massage device as opposed to a trip to the spa is that you only have to pay for it once and it can be enjoyed every day.

Key features

  • High-Race Audio and High-Race Audio Wireless Certified
  • LDAC technology provides seamless wireless audio transfer
  • Features transport, outdoor and indoor noise-canceling modes
  • Lightweight construction with memory foam ear cups and headbands for comfort
  • AI-enhanced phone call capability
  • Play time up to 40 hours on a single charge
  • 5 minutes of charging allows up to 4 hours of listening

Let’s face it, sometimes we all want to silence the world around us for a while. Mothers need loneliness like the rest of us and these great sound-canceling headphones provide just that. These headphones not only have multiple active noise cancellation modes, they are lightweight, feature a memory foam headband and ear cups and will last up to 40 hours on a single charge. If your mother lives in a particularly chaotic family, such a gift can be a wise protector.

Key features

  • All-in-one device (no phone or computer required)
  • Completely wireless
  • Features 3D positioning audio, hand tracking and haptic feedback
  • More than 250 gaming, fitness, social and entertainment applications available with countless virtual experiences to explore

If you think your mom wants to go one step further than even allowing noise-canceling headphones, then we recommend the fantastic Meta Quest 2 VR headset (formerly, the Oculus Quest 2). With a VR headset, your mom can go on a virtual vacation almost anywhere in the world (and beyond) anytime she wants. If you’ve never used a Meta headset before, take it from us, it’s a breathtaking experience. From mountaineering, to museum exploration, to space travel, Quest 2 makes it possible. Don’t be intimidated by the name “Meta”, this device is intuitive for most and not too difficult to use. It can even be used while sitting with your feet, say, a shiatsu foot massager.

Key features

  • Provides heat from a comfortable 104 ° F to 107 ° F
  • Features “oscillating pressure and rhythmic percussion massaging”
  • One-size-fits-all with all headbands
  • Easy to carry
  • Bluetooth-enabled w / built-in speaker

Is a full-on VR headset a little bourgeois for your mom’s tastes? If so, perhaps an eye massage mask would be a good option. This mask not only blocks light and provides a relaxing massage, it also has a built-in heating element and even Bluetooth audio capability.

Key features

  • 75 “x 53” suitable for most adults
  • 20 “deep pocket in front
  • Can be machine washed

Wearable blankets have been waxing and losing popularity for the last 15 years or so since the Snugi explosion, but we can say that they were a great idea then and they are a great idea now. What better way for your mom to stay comfortable while enjoying her other tech holiday gifts?

Key features

  • Curved design w / adjustable rope lock
  • Made with 100% memory foam
  • Sweat-resistant, washable cover
  • Designed for portability

A staple of relaxing gifts, a good neck pillow is essential for any decent holiday or stay. It may just be the best-selling neck pillow on Amazon and it’s 15% off right now.

Key features

Classic gift. We probably don’t need you to tell your mom to bring you some chocolates for Mother’s Day, but in that case, get your mom some chocolates for Mother’s Day.

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