Geely electric pickup truck leaked patent image – go first under new

Patent images of Gilly’s first electric pick-up truck are available online, although the upcoming model will not be sold under the brand. Instead, NetEase Auto The report said the unnamed EVT would be placed under radar, which was separated from its commercial vehicle division in November last year by Gilly’s pick-up truck division.

The report further states that Shandong Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle R&D will focus on manufacturing and sales of electric pick-up trucks for the middle and high-end segments, including the radar model you see here. For this, Jili has asked to invest 2.42 billion yuan (about 1.56 billion) to set up a manufacturing facility in Shandong Province.

It should be noted that Gili already has a pick-up truck in the form of the Frigon FX, which is based on the Boo Pro. Farizon (English name for Yuan Cheng) is a brand of Geely Commercial Vehicles, the Chinese vehicle manufacturer’s commercial vehicle division.

The car you see in these patent images looks more “normal” than the FX and not as aggressive in design as other pick-up trucks. Notable hints include headlamps attached to the front by a closed-off grille, large false inlets at the bumper corners attached to the lower receiving side, and displayed on sensors for driver assistance.

Below the side, we see recessed creases in the wheel arches, the rear of which integrates the charge port doors. For the rear, we see that the two-piece taillights are connected horizontally to a light bar, connected by a black-out step part of the bumper.

Based on the images, the bed of the truck does not appear to be very wide, suggesting that the radar pick-up truck should be built in a unibody instead of using a ladder frame. The Chinese report states that the Haoiu, which is larger than the Boeing Pro, will be the basis of the radar model – the shut lines and creases appear to be very similar.

Jelly’s commitment to electrification saw the introduction of the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), which said it would underpin a wide range of new, unibody electrical models, including commercial vehicles using the SEA-C version of the platform.

It remains to be seen whether the Mystery Radar model will be the first to appear. Geely’s first EV pick-up truck is expected to make its debut this year, with an announcement set for tomorrow (May 13, 2022), so stay tuned.

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