Gallery: Yamaha 135LC Fi V8 SE 2022 – RM8,198

In addition to the standard version offered in three colors, the Yamaha 135LC Fi comes in another version called SE (Special Edition) in the Malaysian market, priced at RM7,798. The price of this model is RM400 more than the standard version, which is RM8,198 without insurance.

From this complete image gallery it is clear that we have brought to you that the 135LC Fi SE gets a desert storm colored body panel Matt As well as a special gold-colored rim for it. Later, the badge written 135LC on the side also uses gold color.

Another thing that makes the price of this 135LC Fi SE even higher is the special plastic basket on the front, which comes with a small covered part as well as a USB charger socket, suitable for charging electronic devices like phones.

Also, all parts of the 135LC Fi SE are the same as the standard version, starting from a 135 cc single-cylinder fuel injection engine to a matching four-speed transmission (automatic clutch), capable of producing 12.5 hp at 8,000 rpm, and a maximum of 12.2 Nm. Torque.

The body panel of the 135LC Fi is brand new, and it matches the Y15ZR V2’s headlights, the Y16ZR’s digital meter and taillights (excluding VVA headlights) and some of the six branches never seen before. Reims from Y125ZR.

With this 135LC Fi we can also see the re-emergence of the rear disc brakes in the LC model, while the front brakes use a disc system with a single piston caliper (Y16 gets two piston calipers). The ABS system is still missing in this model.

The fuel tank has been made 4.6 liters (previously 4.0 liters) while the chest indicator light also now uses LED. Other fittings are 135LC Fi Thorns Telescopic, Psychotic, sprocket 39 points on the back, as well as 70/90 tires on the front and 80/90 on the back.

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