Gallery: Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro and Rally Explorer – Overall Upgrade,

The Triumph Tiger 1200 2022 was first launched in the world late last year and two months later, distributors of this motorcycle brand in Malaysia have already started ordering for it. Of the five variants available, only two have been brought to Malaysia, namely the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer, priced at RM115,900 and RM130,900 excluding insurance, respectively.

Now that the motorcycles have arrived in Malaysia and are waiting for VTA approval from JPJ, we have come up with a complete gallery of two versions of the Tiger 1200. The appearance of the Tiger 1200 2022 is a big deal because it is a completely new motorcycle, which is a complete overhaul compared to the previous model.

Starting with the engine, it now uses a new T-plane three-cylinder unit with a capacity of 1,160 cc and is capable of producing 148 hp of power at 9,000 rpm and 130 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. Combined with the six-speed transmission, the drive system is now converted into a shaft and no longer a chain and Fast Transfer Is provided on an ideal basis.

According to Triumph, with the new frame and engine in the Tiger 1200, it is now 25 kg lighter than the previous model, and 17 kg lighter than its nearest competitor in the segment that uses shift racing. The total weight recorded by GT Pro is 245 kg and Rally Explorer also 261 kg.

The key to distinguishing between the GT Pro and Rally Explorer is the rim, where the GT Pro uses a 19-inch aluminum rim at the front and an 18-inch rear, with more tires for general road use when the Rally Explorer arrives. Front 21-inch spoke rim. And 18 inches at the back (without tubes), including tires Dual purpose. Later, the Rally Explorer brought a larger fuel tank, which is 30 liters compared to the 20 liters in the GT Pro.

Both versions of the Tiger 1200 use bedside semi-active electronic suspension, but there are differences in speed, such as the 200mm GT Pro and 220mm Rally Explorer. Uses the front Thorns When using USD 49mm rear Psychotic With semi-active absorption and automatic pre-load adjustment.

High-spec brakes were also used, using a 320mm twin disc with a Brembo M430 Stylema caliper on the front and a Magura HC1 top pump and a 282mm disc with a single piston Brembo caliper on the rear. ABS Two channels Is the value

The electronic package for the new Tiger 1200 is also quite complete, including the Triumph Blind Spot Radar system jointly developed by Continental. In addition to cornering ABS and traction control, it has ride modes for Road, Rain, Sport, Rider (can be modified by rider), off-road and off-road Pro for the Rally Explorer variant, where the GT Pro variant has road mode, Rain, Sport, Rider and Off-Road.

Cruise control, heel hold control and a center stick are also provided. All important information is displayed on the My Triumph connectivity system with a seven-inch TFT-LCD screen that allows connectivity to smartphones, navigation and GoPro (for all variants).

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