Fuel supplies run out, hundreds of vehicles stranded – high demand outside

This is rare, but there are situations on the east coast where vehicles are stuck at petrol stations due to the closure during the festive season. Astro Awani reported that about 200 vehicles were affected due to problems at a petrol station in Setiu, which had run out of fuel since yesterday.

A user told the news agency, Azuddin Yusuf, that he had started his journey from Kota Bharu, Kelantan to Pahang before getting stuck at the petrol station from 6pm on Friday. By 11pm, he and about 200 other users were still trapped there.

Hafizi’s jockey, a caretaker at the petrol station, apologized for the inconvenience to consumers and said the issue was due to a power outage. “The lorries that provide fuel should have arrived earlier than scheduled, but the journey was disrupted due to traffic jams and many vehicles,” he said. It is understood that the lorry carrying fuel arrived at the petrol station around 12 last night.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Petrol Distributors Association (PDAM) today explained the cause of the problem. Its president Datuk Khairul Anwar Abdul Aziz has given this information Insights into Malaysia Supply shortages were hampered by unexpectedly high demand, as well as heavy traffic congestion on the highways.

According to him, it affects not only the stations of the highway, but also the stations of other routes including the east coast. “The situation is much different this time around, and it’s amazing. Sales have increased. It’s usually only 20% more than a normal day, but this time it’s up to 40%,” he added.

He said supply disruptions are expected to continue till tomorrow and customers will return to normal as soon as they reach their destination.

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