Ford Ranger / Raptor training Owners experience an injury, Penang off-road durian

Of late, Ford’s Malaysian distributor Sime Darby is promoting “Ford Ranger Lifestyle” instead of Auto ConneXion (SDAC) trucks. Nowadays, many people buy pick-up trucks for their activities and images, so the “Living the Ranger Life” campaign makes enough sense.

You do great things with a great car, you are not one of the 24/7 kind of business in their executive saloon. The message seems to be what it is, and is supported by the Ford Ranger Gateways series, described as a community and experiential platform designed to deliver a unique experience of Ranger Life through a series of local adventures picked up by customers.

“The first segment in Malaysia where customers can book through a digital platform, this specially curated outing aims to give customers, their friends and family the opportunity to get together and make friends with like-minded people as well as support domestic tourism that has been impacted. By the epidemic, ”said SDAC-Ford MD Turse Zuhair.

The Ranger / Raptor training experience at Sepang, held in March, was considered a big hit for Ranger owners, who had the opportunity to discover the full potential of their pick-up truck. Clients traveled to Quantan and Johor Bahru to attend intensive one-day guided sessions with trained instructors. Modules include a series of tarmac and off-road driving situations between Sepang International Circuit and Sepang District.

An off-road durian adventure in Penang on June 18, following the Ford Ranger Gateways series. The two-in-one off-road course will begin in mainland Ford Juru and will go to Jetty Batu Musang, where they will be staying. Opportunity to test the limits of their rangers across various on- and off-road courses under the guidance of professional driving instructors. Expect water weddings, jungle track driving, light rock climbing and much more.

After the 4 × 4 experience, the caravan will move to Balik Pulau, a well-known place for Durians. In particular, it is a green acre garden, which will be booked exclusively for this ride. After a brief tour of the garden, participants can return and taste the durian buffet. There is of course a “normal lunch”.

RM976 per recommended ranger for a maximum of four persons per car. Bookings and payments can be made on the Ford Ranger Getaways platform through the SDAC-Ford Malaysia website.

Not in Durian? More Ford Ranger gateways will follow. In addition to the involvement of off-roading courses and scheduled trips, there are other experiences with the open schedule that customers can arrange according to their time and convenience. All they have to do is book and meet their rangers and comrades.

Examples of these activities cited by SDAC are Desaru for a guided farm adventure, a road trip to Johor, a walk in nature in Bukit Bendre, Penang, an Airbus A320 full cockpit flight simulator experience, or even flying a real plane around KL in the direction. A professional pilot. It’s fun, this ranger’s life. Oh, and the truck is so beautiful!

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