Ford has reduced orders for the 2022 F-150

Looking for some less good news on Friday the 13th? Okay, last day for retail order for every gas- and hybrid-powered 2022 F-150 except Raptor. Ford sent a memo to dealers stating, “The F-150 continues to experience high customer demand, and the daily rate of retail orders has increased significantly over the past few months.” Anyone wanting an XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, or Tremor that is not an oil-burner, call the dealer before 10pm EDT on Friday evening. Dealers have one week to complete the retail order verification process before closing the door for good on May 19 at 10pm

These 2022 F-150 trims follow the 2022 Super Duty, F-150 Lightning, Maverick and Mustang Mach-e in the Forbidden Fruit Kingdom. Those who already have orders and those who received orders before the deadline will be able to change some aspects of their order even after tonight’s deadline.

The dealer memo states, “After May 13, 2022 and for the remainder of the 2022 model year, dealers will be able to submit orders for F-150 dealer stock inventory.” This means finding a F-150 in a dealer lot is the only way to get home by July (F140Gen14 forum says 18th), when the order book for the 2023 F-150 will be opened.

Pickup entrepreneurs are questioning where the supply chain situation will be in a few months and what Ford will have to remove or delay in order to start production from the 2023 F-150s. As it is, people with 2022 orders have been waiting five months for their truck for reasons like “chip hold” or “plant hold” and still do not know when they will receive it. In the last report, the current backlog of vehicles in Ford’s chip hold exceeded 50,000 (Ford authorities)

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