Ford F-150 Lightning Review, Tesla Screen Recall, Electric Semi Production

The Tesla screen is overheated. Freightliners and Daimler trucks have been reduced to large electric semi-production. And we run F-150 Lightning. This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning does not reinvent the pickup truck, but it does make it better at almost every measure. In the first review of the F-150 Lightning Electric Truck, we found more confidence and refinement than expected – also some good signs for range and efficiency.

Tesla has filed for withdrawal due to overheating while charging fast — but no, that’s not what you might think and not related to the battery pack. While charging, the “advanced temperature” of the infotainment screen may slow it down or restart it – making some security-critical features temporarily unavailable. According to Tesla, an over-the-air firmware release cures the situation.

The Tesla Semi has not yet arrived, but on Monday the most important All-Electric Semi for the United States dropped in production size. With a range of up to 230 miles but a combined weight rating of up to 82,000 pounds, the Freightliner Icascadia Electric Semi is a complete Class 8 commercial truck, albeit for shorter journeys. The company has already racked up more than a million miles on pre-production models, and has a “holistic ecosystem” of charging and energy-saving services.


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