Ford and Honda dropped out of SEMA, VW jumped

Ford and Honda, two of the biggest automakers at SEMA, are dropping out of the show this year. This came in an announcement from SEMA, initially seen Drive. For example, automakers will not have their displays on the floor. That being said, it’s possible that companies will still be announcing things at the same time as the show, as some other big auto shows have.

In fact, a Ford representative said we can still expect to see things from companies around SEMA. Specifically, the representative said, “Ford will still have a presence at SEMA, but instead of our traditional display, we look forward to showcasing our winning car portfolio on show and digitally online. SEMA.”

We also reached out to Honda for comment, but received no response at the time of writing. We will update this post if we hear back.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person, as both automakers have a big foothold in SEMA. Ford has specifically squared their exhibits in the middle of one of the main halls at the show, and the company usually displays many vehicles built by associates. Honda has showcased many of the vehicles customized by its partners, as well as their automotive and accessories department vehicles and parts. Nevertheless, as Ford noted, other displays will have vehicles from them, and we hope that many Honda models will also appear throughout.

SEMA said the space vacated by automakers would provide an area to expand to other existing exhibitors, such as brands from GM, Stellantis, Toyota and Nissan. And Volkswagen will return to the show with an official appearance. The company had some SEMA exposure in the past.

To conclude, a VW representative told us: “We thought it was a good opportunity to show off the aftermarket potential with our newly introduced and refreshed performance models and show off some interesting extensions for our growing range of sports-utility vehicles.”

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