Fischer Ronin is actually a four-seat convertible

When Fischer Automotive unveiled an image of its planned Ronin battery-electric vehicle, the closed roof, action vibes and non-specific press releases led everyone to believe that it was a four-door sedan aiming at an array of impressive glasses. It turns out that Ronin is a four-seater convertible, making it even more impressive if Fisker hits it, at least one of those glasses. Instead of “over 550 miles” in the initial release, Henrik Fisker made it clear that Ronin’s 660-mile range shooting in the WLTP cycle. It could lose anything on sale today even after converting to EPA figures, but not for Ronin’s first delivery until 2024. We also expect that the mileage figure is only a top-up number; The top-down mileage can vary considerably, given all the turbulent winds created behind the convertible windshield.

Fischer’s quote that he wants Ronin’s “the world’s longest range for production EVR, combined with extremely high-level performance” and “a showcase for our internal engineering, powertrain and software capabilities” is still true. Last year, the company opened a development facility in the UK called Magic Works, operated by David King, who was previously in charge of special vehicles at Aston Martin. Kings’ team is working on a Cabriolet Boulevard, which makes “a fitting British sports car.” Due to the lack of B-columns, special features will include “unique doors for better entry and exit”. That quote from the automaker boss makes us suspect that the evolution of Ronin Fischer’s emotion (pictured above; yes, it’s spelled that way) is the luxury sedan that the company took to CES in 2018. Cut off the top of the emotion, anchor the back door to the rear fender instead of the C-pillar, and the voila, a ronin.

That’s all just a guess, though. What can’t be assumed is that the Magic Works is working on special features like a battery integrated with the car’s structure, powering a three-motor drivetrain capable of getting Ronin up to 60 miles per hour in three seconds. Wisman will take the same time predicting his two-door, two-seat Thunderball to hit that sprint with the same sign. If it comes as predicted, the vegetarian interior technology show will show other automakers what Fischer is capable of doing in terms of “highly specialized materials and technologies designed specifically for environmentally-conscious automotive enthusiasts” and at some cost to retail buyers. From 200,000

Before that, Fischer had a lot of homework. The Ocean SUV will go into production in Austria in November, with the $ 29,900 Pier Urban EV being planned for production next year in Lordstown, Foxconn, Ohio. Ronin will be the third member of the lineup, after which the fourth model is scheduled for 2025, on track to sell one million EVs by 2027 and one million cars per year by 2030.

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