Fischer peers electric hatchback, pledges $ 29,900

Here’s our first good look at a new model from Fischer’s “Peer”. Yes, it is a pear like fruit, so it is appropriate that the teaser image is mostly green.

The exact details of Fischer Pier are scarce, but the company has given us a few things to chew on. For one, Fisker is promising a base price below $ 29,900, and that’s before the federal or state EV tax credit incentive. It will be built on a “new proprietary architecture”, so don’t expect to share too much with Henrik Fisker, CEO of the big Ocean SUV, that the smaller hatchback will feature “new lights and a front windscreen inspired by a glider plain glass”. . The tent. “

From the single teaser image released by Fischer we can get a small idea of ​​what the car will look like in general. Although the company claims that this car will not fit in any existing segment, it definitely looks like a compact hatchback to us. Although, we assume, it is also possible that it literally looks like a pear. Biffy fenders give it a consistently sporty flair, and the big wheels and mesh front grills simply enhance the effect. Its scatter-shot lighting running along the length of the front edge actually looks different from anything else, and the same can be said for its strangely curved A-column. The idea (or whatever it is) of the camera sideview mirror is also sporting. If U.S. regulations are changed to allow, they could be a possibility. Otherwise, Fischer will have to replace them for some traditional mirrors before production.

Fischer also has high hopes on the production front. It plans to produce pears at a currently Foxconn-owned factory in Lordstown, Ohio. Once production increases, Fischer predicts that it will be able to produce at least 250,000 pears per year, a very ambitious goal. The answer to the question of whether there is a demand from Fischer for 250,000 small EVs per year is to be seen in this decade, as Fischer says that the peer will enter production in Lordstown in 2024. For the future, Fisker (the man) says that Pierre’s platform will underpin two additional Fisker (car) models, but details will come at a later date.

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