Fast and reliable: Built for an E46 M3 ‘ring

Ringtull (বিশেষ বিশেষ:): a vehicle designed to get around as fast as possible, especially around the Nবারrburging Nordshelf.

Nবারrburging doesn’t need an identity, but I’ll give you one. 73 angles, 1,000 feet height change, tight hairpins and long sweeped angles. It revolves around the Eiffel region of Germany, 20.8 km from the autonomous paradise (or hell). It is a track that has claimed life and created heroes This is a track I’ve traveled thousands of miles (in video games), but never visited in person until recently. It’s an amazing place, and the cars that come to it frequently are equally incredible.

Fabian E46 M3-86

Go back to the role for a while. The term ‘ringtull’ received a mixed response from most track-goers in the UK at least. I think there is a pre-concept that anyone who builds or builds a car for just one track is a bit ‘try-hard’. I would actually agree, but not as an insult. After seeing how hard some parts of the track are and the dedication with which the owners have thrown their cars into that ridiculous corner, it takes a lot of courage to spend thousands to build a car that can be scraped with a bad line or oil. Drop.

Fabian E46 M3-26

Fabian (aka Mr. Flanggarten) is a self-proclaimed ‘ring addict’ who has now spent five years on his N নrburging ride. Its first laps around ‘Green Hell’ were built on its R35 Nissan GT-R, which you would expect would be perfectly suited for wind tracks. In fact, Nissan was a bit of a beast. Heavy vehicles after the consumer goods in the ‘ring’ very quickly. According to Fabian, “Nissan was very expensive and very fast on the track.

Fabian E46 M3-4

He grabbed it though, and immediately set out to create something more appropriate. Its predecessor is the BMW, known as a V8-swapped E30 Helga. Powered by a BMW M60B40 4.0L engine, the E30 was a go-kart compared to the GT-R. It was a suitable small ringtull, snatched and caged with an emphasis on a low pressure engine and driving experience. Going from an R35 GT-R to an E30 is a big change though, and Fabian can certainly feel the difference.

Fabian E46 M3-2

After four years of experience, and now even faster around the track, there was a huge increase in danger if the difference that Fabian could feel was the worst. That, and being a little more ‘accustomed’ to the E30 means it’s time to change. This change presents itself in the form of a stock, the Silver Gray BMW M3 E46.

Fabian E46 M3-29

With this one ‘built’ car, I would usually solve the long hard process over the years to make the M3 perfect for use. Not now. In the most stereotypical way possible, Fabian came over all the Germans and decided that the car would be built quickly and well made, without cutting corners or fuffing around. In just 10 weeks, M3 has become what you see. It’s one of the best round, ‘polished’ track cars I’ve ever seen.

Fabian E46 M3-21

The most notable change is the color, obviously. The M3 was completely re-sprayed as an empty shell in a BMW standout shade called Urban Green. Fabian’s initial idea was to keep the car in its original color, but his father-in-law had a bodyshop and would not allow it. There is no silver gray in the car. Even roll cage body color.

Fabian E46 M3-8
Fabian E46 M3-71

Speaking of which, the roll cage itself was a big part of the construction. Fabian sent his M3 shell to Ereco Motorsport in Poland to make cage castings. They have a fantastic reputation in Europe for their work and after watching it in person I can understand why. Now it may be lost in translation, but when Fabian told me to send the car back to the cage, he insisted that the Ereco team cover it with olive oil to prevent rust on the surface of the transit. I was going to describe the cage as delicious, but not in that sense … thanks.

Fabian E46 M3-3

At BodyShop, the roof of the M3 was replaced with a carbonaceous carbon fiber item to reduce the center of gravity. With a complete motorsport cage, the roof skin will provide only nominal rigidity to the chassis.

The roof gives serious CSL vibe, and blends nicely with the rest of the carbon around the car. The carbon front splitter is from MK Motorsport, where the rear wing is a carbon producing GT4 item.

Fabian E46 M3-44

Pieces of my favorite showstopper bodywork come in the form of a Flossman M3 GTR style front fender and a matching bonnet. These vented and louvered panels transform the front of the vehicle and provide effective effect in this case.

Fabian E46 M3-33

The Floßmann bonnet ‘ring helps keep the engine temperature cool after repeated lapping, and the fenders help escape the surging air from the wheel arches.

Fabian E46 M3-57

For BMW nerds (like me) in the audience, let me give you a little information. That boot cover? This is a genuine CSL item. Oh well!

Fabian E46 M3-47

The Fabian M3 had rear pop windows from the factory, but these were tied to the stripping process and replaced with polycarbonate plastic 4 performance laurel items. The back window is the same, though non-louvre.

Fabian E46 M3-62

Peek through the rear window and you’ll see a carbon fiber parcel shelf that will help clean the rear cabin. The cockpit is a great place to sit, with the right mix of OEM comfort and performance.

Fabian E46 M3-58

Fabian and a lucky passenger are held by an Aramid Fiber (Kevlar) Recarro pole position SPA and 6-point scrotal racing harness. The dashboard in Alcantara has been trimmed to prevent glare, and the OEM steering wheel has been replaced with a Momo item and a custom shift light indicator.

Fabian E46 M3-93
Fabian E46 M3-66

Audio and HVAC and oil pressure / temperature, water temperature and battery are replaced with voltage gauges, where the body’s colored paddles and Fabian’s body-colored race helmet round the interior accessories. Oh, and the great big Tesla-Esc data logger and lap timer must face the driver.

Fabian E46 M3-77

Pop the bonnet and you’ll find … nothing more to be honest. After the GT-R’s raw speed and the V8 E30’s lazy voice, Fabian decided that the best bet would be a high-rev, low-stress engine. A standard S54 works perfectly. Only change flow and reliability are improved. An upgraded aluminum radiator and oil cooler ensures engine temperature stabilization, with a 100-cell Catalytic converter and Frederick Motorsport Titanium rear section helping the car to breathe (and sound) a little better. Gold heat tape on the back of the bay helps keep the cabin warm for a long time.

Handling with the M3 has been a priority for Fabian and the list of chassis upgrades makes for an impressive read. If the purple top mounts do not give the gift, the car is suspended on a set of 2-way adjustable coilovers in the KW competition. Arguably one of the best sets on the market for the M3, they are a major base among the Nবারrburging die-hard.

Fabian E46 M3-20

All the bushes under the car have either been replaced with solid aluminum or rose-jointed. It’s a tough M3, but if feedback is your ultimate goal, that’s the way to get the most out of it. It is further enhanced by the original CSL steering rack that is fitted. I understand why Fabian has a polar position. Something less helpful and a lack of ‘slopes’ in the chassis will leave you with a sloping spine instead.

Fabian E46 M3-88

Braking is taken care of with an AP racing large brake kit on the front axle, which includes an upgraded disc and endless pads. Brake cooling is provided by a Burkhardt engineering ducted backing plate setup.

Fabian E46 M3-30

Tim Shirmer-Speck fills the BBS E88s arches, measuring 18 × 10.5-inches and 18 × 11-inches from front to back. These are one of my favorite wheel designs; Unlimited motorsport. The 265 and 295-section Nankang AR1s provide the car with the necessary grip at the speed it regularly achieves in the ‘ring’.

Fabian E46 M3-22

With all this work, Fabian has an M3 that he takes in his lap after a hard drive on a very difficult track. It is strong enough with a touch of stock horsepower and with a wet weight of 1,290 kg (2,844 lbs) it is certainly light enough to throw around. Add to that how good it looks in green and you have a winner.

Having a sophisticated, high-strong build is all well and good, but it’s not about a ringtool. It needs to be capable but resilient and secure. The last thing you want is to have a track failure as dangerous as this. Also, I think it’s good to have a car that you can thrash all day with the knowledge that it will take you home at night.

Fabian E46 M3-27

In Fabian’s own words: “For security reasons and to get a new feel, I bought the M3. I’m very happy with the light M3, and everything works perfectly. “

I could not sum it up better than myself. Now, where do I start with my own ringtul …

Mario Cristu
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