EV Operating Cost, Electric RV, Battery and Tire Emissions: Today’s Car News

EVs have remained an antidote to high gas prices. Expectations are high for electric RVs, but where will they charge? And the weight of large battery packs causes more emissions from a source than you might expect. This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

Large batteries for electric vehicles can increase the range, but a recent study by an independent UK-based independent testing firm suggests that excess weight can greatly increase particle emissions from tires.

Operating-cost benefits for electric vehicles have become stronger amid higher gas prices, and they can now run as low as 15% of the cost of a gasoline vehicle per mile, according to an updated report from an EV industry group.

Electric RVs are coming in the next few years — and according to a recent survey by a leading RV manufacturer, expectations for battery electric RVs are far higher, going to the impossible. As we have underscored in various ways, a whole new series of infrastructure solutions is needed. Then who will go ahead?


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