European dealer working with Koenigsegg on a CC12 secret project

Because we tuned in to the latest episode of James Walker on YouTube Supercar Blog CC12 has reported that there is a special Koenigsegg on the way. Not much is known about the upcoming coupe, only it was commissioned by a European dealer in a luxury car called the Carriage. After tuning in to the 51-minute video, we discover that Walker probably talked about CC12 for ten seconds (38:47) – he doesn’t even call it by the name written on the side wall, and the project is so secret that his host will say a word about it. No. Here’s the thing: the episode “The best garage in the world?” Is called, and the answer may be “Hell yes.” We showed up for a car, we stayed because of all the amazing car stuff.

A dealer in Lucerne, Switzerland and Marbler Showroom, Spain, specializing in “Modern Hypercar” [and] Extraordinarily sporty vintage car. “If a line can win a prize for Swiss devaluation, that’s it. Walker travels only a few Swiss facilities, a five-story and nearly 54,000-foot luxury architectural site with multi-million dollar cars. Designed for ৷ The five cars parked inside include the CC8S Chassis # 002, the first customer car made by the first model Koenigsegg, one of the two white carbon Trevita and the Diamond Dust Clearcoat and the Agera prototype Age Chassis # 077 which is only an Ezra. There was no development vehicle for every evolution, it was customized with a trunk.

There are several rooms with Aston Martins (12:50) including James Bond DB10 (25:15), another Ferraris, a modern Iso Revolta (11:30), and some of the coolest equipment and replacement equipment sets we’ve seen (32: 05) Aston Martin DB4GT is built for continuity. Then there’s the garage, with a mandatory lift and clean-room look. The garage also has an indoor wash bay, as the carriage washes every car before working on it; A rail has an exhaust vent that can be fitted to any vehicle in the garage; Match the garage with custom color tire fitting and alignment machines; And a pump system for sending used oil to a large container tank at the bottom of the garage. Plus on-site carbon production and CNC machines. And other things. The carriage is spectacular.

Go back to Koenigsegg CC12 though. It wasn’t launched by Carage, it’s being built by Carage, CEO Kim Struve says he’s working with Koenigsegg on the project, but he wants to show potential clients what Carage can do. The form below the tarp looks similar to the CC8S that, prior to the video, was purchased “for a special project that is about to be published in a year,” Struve said. However, we do not know whether the two have a relationship. What we do know is that Koenigsegg made only six instances of the CC8S, the name of which partly indicates the modular Ford V8 on the back of the cockpit. The re-engineered and supercharged 4.7-liter small block produces 646 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. Automaker CCR and CCX renamed after CC8, never made CC12. Whatever the carriage, we’re waiting for it, and if the 12-name cylinder counts, that’s fine.

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