Emilia-Romagna wins F1 Grand Prix at Max Verstapen Emola

EMOLA, Italy – Formula One champion Max Verstappen dominated Ferrari’s Red Bull route at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix on Sunday, much like the frustration of a sea of ​​red-clad “Typhosis”.

Verstappen won from the pole, entered the fastest lap and picked up his second win of the season in 2016, leading teammate Sergio Perez to the first one-on-one Red Bull finish after Malaysia.

“Lovely Sunday,” Verstapen radioed his Red Bull team, which was actually a day of fierce, cloudy and foggy races.

But the Dutchman scored the most points on the weekend – he also won the sprint qualifying race on Saturday – and led the Red Bull to embarrass Ferrari, who was expected to have his celebration weekend at home.

“It’s always hard to achieve something like that,” Verstapen said of the perfect weekend. “We were in it. You never know with the weather how competitive you are going to be, but I think as a team we did everything well and this one-two deserves a lot.”

Lando Norris finished third for McLaren.

It was a catastrophic race for Ferrari, racing on his home ground and hoping to celebrate his return to F1 dominance. Charles Leclerc came on Sunday as the championship leader with two wins in the first three races, and Carlos Sange Jr. celebrated his two-year contract in Italy this weekend.

But LeClerc didn’t jump on the bandwagon in the beginning and never debated. Senz turned around in the opening lap to ruin his race, and Leclerc’s bid to save the day for Ferrari ended when he turned Perez in second place.

In the end, he finished sixth.

At the start of the weekend, Leclerc had a 46-point lead over defending champions Verstappen but Worstapen narrowed the gap to 27 points to move to second place.

“I was very greedy and I paid for it and lost seven potential points,” Leclerc said. “It’s a shame, it’s definitely worth seven points at the end of the championship and it shouldn’t happen again.”

Worstapen passed Lecler at the start of the sprint qualifying race on Saturday but Verstappen got off to a good start on race day. Meanwhile, Leclerc, Perez, and Norris caused the fall.

LeClrec eventually climbed to third place and was chasing the Red Bulls when he got out of the way.

It rained heavily in the morning but cleared as soon as the race started, and although the track was still wet, it quickly dried up and drivers had to change their tires for new conditions.

The Leclerc came from Pitt Road in front of Perez, but the Mexican driver’s tires were warm and were able to press inside and recover the second. Leclerc was still chasing Perez for a second when he made a rare mistake and left the course. Although he was able to drive, his Ferrari was damaged and LeClerc had to be beaten.

The race saw a stirring late battle between Mercedes newcomer George Russell and his replacement driver Valetri Botas. The two landed in the final lap for fourth place, with Russell starting the 11th race, retaining the veteran for the spot.

Lewis Hamilton, meanwhile. Continue his initial struggle and finish 13th. Mercedes chief Toto Wolf apologized to Hamilton on the radio that the “undrivable” car was given to Hamilton in Italy.

The seven-time world champion lost to Verstappen in last year’s season final in the best championship fight of decades. On Sunday, Hamilton was picked up by Verstappen at the age of 39.

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