Electrify America has signed up for 75MW of solar power, saying it is committed to their Net-Zero

Electrify America announced Wednesday that the network is buying enough solar power to offset the power it supplies to the EV from its charging hardware.

Through the Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) with Terra-Gen, Electrify America is enabling a new 75-megawatt Mozave Desert solar facility that will allow it to increase its annual power generation by 225,000 megawatt hours.

The Electrify America project is called Solar Glow 1 and aims at the net-zero carbon footprint across the network, claiming that it will become the largest open EV fast-charging network in North America to enter such VPPA.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 at 2022 Electrify America DC Fast-Charging Station

Hyundai IONIQ 5 at 2022 Electrify America DC Fast-Charging Station

EA is already backed by 100% renewable energy, it says, by purchasing environmental certificates from existing power generation. But the agreement is also committed to the goal of “redundancy,” the EA insists, which will result in the production of additional renewable energy rather than purchasing from existing sources. In addition, it is purchasing and retiring environmental certification for a period of 15 years, to ensure that its actions will not enable other pollutants.

The network has a groundbreaking plan for the project in late 2022, with a target operation date of the summer of 2023. It is already adding its support to the existing SEGS IX Solar Thermal Plant in San Bernardino County, California.

Electrified America upscale charging concept

Electrified America upscale charging concept

It has also taken steps to keep Solar a little closer to the customer interface point সহ with improved “showcase stations” that will provide solar canopies and customer lounges, car showcases and enhanced security.

The EA remains owned by Volkswagen and was created in the wake of the diesel scandal, as part of a court-mandated settlement. It is in the third of four cycles for $ 2 billion investment in 10 years. Already reportedly looking for another big investor in an attempt to scale up the VW.

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