Ego Power + Self-propelled lawn mower review | The best way to turn on the electricity

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I did a lot of research before buying the Ego Power + self-propelled LM2102SP. For the best electric lawn mower, lawn mower consistently ranks at or near the top of the list of most reviewers, and this is a decent standard for efficiency. Warcatter, for example, listed the LM2102SP as its second best pick among electric lawn mowers, but it is similar to the top pick with less features. You don’t miss them, and it’s cheap enough. The difference between the two is that it resembles a GMC Yukon vs. a Cadillac Escalade SUV.

So what is Ego’s LM2102SP? It is a self-propelled electric lawn mower that is extremely capable, has strong battery life and is attractive for boots with gray, black and green levers. I bought mine after years of using petrol powered Mauer and occasional lawn services. Last fall when two different gas-mowers died on me (one was 25 years old and the other was probably 10 years old), I decided to turn on the electric. It was no hit on the gasoline, I just wanted to try an electric lawn mower and it seemed certain that the universe was telling me the time had come. I have a decent-sized yard on a bend and I’m pleasantly surprised by the cutting power of the LM2102SP. It’s better than the respectable gas models I gave. I can cut the front and rear on a single charge – the 56-volt lithium-ion 7.5-amp-hour battery delivers up to 60 minutes of run-time promise. With a fast charger, you can recharge in about 60 minutes.

The headlights are fine, but small, and this electric maverick makes little noise. Like a hair dryer in a low setting. Not as much as a gas engine, but you can really think twice before cutting very early. That said, 8am through the twilight is the summer fair game, as far as I’m concerned.

Other great things: Deck is very easy to raise and lower depending on how short you want your grass to be, and the self-propelled power is adjustable so you can slow down in hard places. The plastic body is lighter than any metal grass machine of this size. I would be interested to see how this ego holds up. Outside of gum-up carbohydrates and occasional oil changes, my gas-powered mowers have been tough for years. Sometimes the craftsman would sit in the garage all winter and start the first pull in April.

Igor’s torque is impressive – hold fast or you can do a wheel – and it reminds me of running an EV for the first time. Your right hand will get tired of holding the self-propelled arm and the motor “throttle”, but you will get used to it. It’s like wearing a golf glove for 18 years.

I’ve probably been mowing grass since I was 12 or so, and I’ve used some machines that can be described as historic. Of course, this is my first new lawn mower and my first electric after decades of hand-me-down, so there’s a bit of a wow factor. That said, I wanted to upgrade and dive deeper. It can be too much machine for some. For those who have flat or small yards there are smaller, cheaper and less powerful options. That said, it’s very close to Lawn Mauer’s Tesla. I don’t plan on getting a ride-on maverick, so that’s it until I get back to yard service.

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