E36 Mits E9X: The Ultimate BMW Compact

‘Knowledge comes with age’ It’s a clich উপায় way to start an article, but it’s a good opening sentence ‘I was stupid’.

Yes, much younger Dave has downplayed the E36 compact based on its appearance alone. Like Years Forgive me BMW’s designers for cutting off the back of an otherwise beautiful looking automobile. I was foolishly unaware that, like the M coupe, BMW actually stuffed a driver’s car into a visible-polarizing package.

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Wheelbase to wheelbase, standard E36 coupe and compact measure the same. The eight-inch difference in overall length comes from the compact trunk area (of course, obviously). Interestingly though, the compacts do not share the same multi-link suspension as the rest of the E36 family does. Using the semi-trailing arm rear suspension from many favorite E30s, the compacts go back a generation. Z3 chassis cars also share this suspension configuration, and both are described as incredibly fun and somewhat tail-happy vehicles for driving.

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The difference in dynamics management is rather significant. Hafdan Vaton, the owner of this compact, credits the rear suspension as the main reason for his decision to go with the model. Hafdan Hall Too much Familiar with the BMW lineup; From the age of 16 he had a round on his steering wheel.

Halfdan collage

Through his BMW obsession of the year, Huffden divided most of his time between the E36 and E28 chassis. He has also become quite adept at using BMW parts bins to make BMW corporate cars that did not seem suitable for release.

An E36 Turing was this ‘if?’ The procedure should have been an absolute explosion to drive the car, pen to paper. In fact, it fell short of expectations.

Somewhat disillusioned and curious about the growing buzz surrounding the E36 Compact, Huffden wanted to get behind the wheel of an S50-swapping example. That car was everything to travel: unique and enjoyable to drive. Turing is put up for sale almost immediately.

Make Muse poor co-pilot


Halfdan has since owned two compacts. Sadly, the first one saw an early ending thanks to a mouse suddenly calling and claiming, shotgun both.

Speedhunters-John-M-Hammervol-210806 (220)

That car was replaced with this car, which was then white and had an S3 engine fitted to an E36 M3. The desire to get more power than the S50 snowballs on this kind of green machine.

If you are unfamiliar with BMW’s engine lineup, I apologize in advance for the next few paragraphs, as it may seem like an alphabet soup.

Speedhunters-John-M-Hammervol-210806 (518)

In search of more horsepower, originally an M54 motor was sought. Hafdan actually found one quickly and told the seller that he needed 10 days to arrange the pick-up. Despite initially agreeing to a later date, the seller sells the engine to someone else a few days before the sorted pick-up time. Unfortunately, Huffden sold the S50 in hopes of owning an M54, temporarily leaving the compact heartless.

E36_Compact_SH_210806 (252)

Sprinkled milk, well … less sprinkled milk, the opportunity was used to shoot for the stars and Halfdan did it with a 335i N54B30 engine from an American-spec E92.

In layman’s terms, this is a 3.0L twin-turbo mill stuffed under the hood of a car that originally came with a 1.6L inline-four. Before descending into the strut tower, MMP turbo inlets, precision raceworks coil packs and an aftermarket intercooler and oil cooler were added.

E36_Compact_SH_210806 (102)

A 6-speed N54 transmission is running a motive twin-plate clutch on the back of the Straight-Six. The exhaust you see in the back is a supersprint system with a Scorpion muffler.

Spaghetti Monster

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Hafdan wasn’t content to just put the heart of an E9X in his E36. The flagship E9X models are known for their animal comfort and Halfdan wanted them all.

It took two full E9X cars – and many more – to equip this 1995 compact as a 2004 flagship model. E.g. However, the diesel is powered by Siemens Programming and Petrol Car Bosch. Discouraged, both shoes are snatched down and one is combined.


After countless hours of soldering, the car is probably the most technologically advanced BMW compact on the planet. The rear hatch is electrically powered, has a steering angle sensor, dynamic traction control and a rather complex E9X onboard computer. Halfdan was so far ahead of the curve in such an exchange that several companies have since asked if he would make shoes for them. Hafdan explains and rejects such offers, “I actually hate wiring … it’s a necessary evil.”

E36_Compact_SH_210806 (166)

During construction, Hafdan noticed that his jack points were quite soft, a sadly common E36 illness. As you can guess, he doesn’t work half the measure. The car was soon wrecked for a full recovery.

After floor repairs, each suspension portion was painted or powder-coated before polyurethane bushings were installed everywhere. KW V3 coilovers are also fitted and various M / Z3 parts from E36 to E9X offer components like brake rotor, differential and axle.

Topside, the most obvious change is the addition of Fitness Lab Overfender. Hafdan was again the victim of his own desire for perfection by making his friend and Paint Man Ov Vasil more spacious than coming out of the box before spraying it on the car.

Speedhunters-John-M-Hammervol-210806 (131)

The added real estate allows the 245 and 285-section rubber to be fitted by approximately 18 × 9.5-inch and 18 × 11-inch Haman PG 1-wheel OZ racing, custom redesigned by Ola Sarstrand.

E36_Compact_SH_210806 (198)
Speedhunters-John-M-Hammervol-210806 (290)

Inside Huffden has created a fantastic game / luxury combination. The Sparko Evo seats have been re-trimmed with peanut butter leather, and the TAKATA racing harnesses have found their anchor points on the Wichers-Sport roll bar.

Speedhunters-John-M-Hammervol-210806 (397)

Hidden in the E9X dash is a stream of matching console streams. This is an incredibly factory-looking retrofit that can easily be overlooked by those who are not proficient in the Bayerische Motoren Werke world.

Speedhunters-John-M-Hammervol-210806 (500)

‘E36 Compacts are treasures’ As the crowd transforms, I think this car looks stunning. However, the look is almost irrelevant because its real standout feature is how the new technology has been integrated with the old. Overall the cleanliness of this car almost betrays the depth of its construction. Halfdan set a high-level example of how great a BMW restored can be when performed by an absolute fanatic.

Dave Thomas
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Photo by John M. Hammerwell
Instagram: jmhammervoll

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