E-healing operators will be asked to provide an explanation for the rent increase

In recent years, the service has many users E-healing Complaints of extra rent increase. In fact, there are fares for some destinations that are multiplied even if they are not in peak hours.

The issue also caught the attention of the Ministry of Transport, which confirmed that the service operator would be asked to submit an explanation.

According to his minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Wei Ka Seong, although no validity has been found so far, his ministry has not ruled out the possibility of calling the operator. E-healing To respond to consumer complaints, Barnama reported.

“Organization E-healing They have to answer and why the price has gone up, we (Ministry of Transport) will check whether their answer has meaning. If we say (rent) RM20, a sudden increase of RM70 in the current situation, it is seen as a burden on the people.

“As policy makers, we do not want to see any party take advantage,” he told the media.

Any company, he added E-healing If the price increases, the rationale has to be explained because it looks at it from the consumer’s point of view.

Why didn’t it happen earlier (price increase), I think it is a relevant question asked by the people, I have asked to explain this. I asked APAD (Land Public Transport Agency) to look back and explain to this company and why the price went up.

“I hope that in a day or two, this company will explain to the people and then we will see what policy we need to make, such as encouraging more competition so that prices go down,” he said.

According to him, in case of price hike, the parties concerned should also submit reasons, such as traffic congestion.

“We want to hear their reasons, maybe because of the traffic jam, but before there was no crowd, now why the crowd. However, we listen, so I think they also feel the call and explain the reason, whether it is accepted or not, ”he said.

Rent increase E-healing It is said to increase up to 400% during peak hours thus creating dissatisfaction among consumers and this is considered unreasonable. At the same time, the people have sought the intervention of the government to solve this problem.

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