Dual charge port for GM EV, Mercedes-AMG future, Renault fuel-cell concept:

The Mercedes Vision AMG concept gives a glimpse of the future of AMG’s all-electric performance vehicle, where Renault Scenic Vision concept claims to cut carbon footprints when blending into the fuel chamber. And can GM electric trucks get two charge ports? This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

This morning, we reported on something that GM hasn’t teased since the era of the original Chevy Volt concept: dual charge ports, here for fast-charging electric trucks. In a recent GM patent filing, it proposed a dual-port setup that could create a double-layer pack similar to the one on the GMC Hummer EV or the upcoming Chevrolet Silverrado EV. In addition, it can allow electric trucks to charge other EVs while charging faster.

The Mercedes Vision AMG Concept is a fast four-door EV that gives a glimpse into the future of AMG – both in design and technology. We see more than a hint of the recent Mercedes EQXX concept, but painted in a performance car. AMG also confirmed that it would be the first production model on a new platform exclusively for the German performance brand.

The Renault Scenic Vision concept may have borrowed the name of the bulbs Euro-centric folk-mover from the 1990s, but it’s all about the future – a 16-kilowatt hydrogen fuel-cell range extender capable of about 500-miles at the base Nissan Leaf. A range of equivalent battery-carrying vehicles is used. Sustainability is the theme, and Renault argues that the propulsion combination greatly reduces the product’s carbon footprint.


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