Driver pays for parking on PahangGo app, fined for not displaying parking

A motorist in Quantan, Pahang discovered that he was fined for not showing a parking ticket for his parked car despite paying for parking on the PahangGo mobile app. Chew sin daily Report

While talking to reporters about the matter, the motorist, Chiu, noticed that Quantan City Hall had issued a fine for the alleged parking offense. Mobile app at 9 am.

This happened despite motorists already paying 480 points off the PahangGo app for eight hours of parking, the equivalent of RM4.80, Chew sin daily Reported fines were issued for RM30 and must be paid within 30-days, after which the amount would increase to RM300, according to the Chinese daily.

The PahangGo app for Android and Apple iOS devices has been billed on its website as a “one-stop center” for government services, including simplified parking payments, payment of utility bills and, according to its description, “government-connected”.

Dissatisfied with the fine imposed, Chu went to Kuantan City Hall to lodge a complaint. Quantan City Hall counter staff, however, told Chew that “Quantan City Hall has nothing to do with this problem” and told him that he would have to complain to the people in charge of the mobile app, Pahango, at Son Square, about 4.6 kilometers away. Away

After arriving at the son’s square listed in the Pahango office, Chiu then noticed that the office had been moved to Kota SAS, 11.5 kilometers from the son’s square. “I tried to call the company, but no one answered, so there is no way to complain,” he told the Daily.

Chiu has expressed his displeasure at being fined for not displaying a valid parking coupon on his car, as he has already paid for parking through the PahangGo mobile app, which appears to be working normally. Chew sin daily Wrote.

Through learning Chiu’s plight Chew sin daily, Quantum City Hall invited him to meet with their legal team next Monday to resolve the issue, including the fine. Meanwhile, PahangGo responded to reporters’ questions via Facebook messaging, confirming that the parking fee paid by Chew was valid, and said PahangGo would cancel the parking fine imposed by Quantan City Hall.

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