Dashcam should be in the car – USIM Lecturer

Dashboard camera recording or Dashcam It is now being watched increasingly through social media channels, especially videos involving street incidents that have attracted a lot of attention. In fact, the video can also be used as evidence to protect innocent victims and the ‘trap’ of the perpetrators.

Function Dashcam Muzaffar Sah Malo, a lecturer at University Science Islam Malaysia (USIM), said in a letter to The K, that it is very important as a device to gather evidence for a serious matter or event, so it should be made mandatory to install it on (dashcam) vehicles. The sun

In the letter, Muzaffar cites Section 3 of the Malaysian Evidence Act 1950 (Act 56), which states that “all statements made by a court to a witness on matters of investigation” are known as oral evidence, and all documents submitted for court examination, That is, as documentary evidence.

Muzaffar added, “It is important to note the word ‘included’ in the definition of evidence in some sections of this law, which means that any evidence can be brought as evidence to support or endorse a person’s case in court.”

“Besides, recording Dashcam If necessary, it can be presented as separate evidence in court in civil or criminal cases, ”said Muzaffar.

Add it again, though Tenth As well as being used as a tool to deal with traffic or other criminal issues in the event of an accident, the device can also serve as a platform for drivers to review their driving habits and adjust as needed.

In 2019, the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) also considers cost trends. Dashcam This is a positive development, and according to its Director General, Dr. Siti Jahrah Ishaq, the reason is that DashCam is able to record various incidents on the road and can be used as additional information to identify the cause of the accident.

So, what are your comments regarding usage Dashcam It is, is it recommended to use it compulsorily in the car? Let us know your thoughts. If you have your own story about using this device, you can share it with us.

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