Dash Cam – What type of microSD card should I use for reliability in our heat?

Dashcams are just as useful as the recordings they make, so it’s important to use a suitable microSD card for your dash cam to save your video recordings.

Unfortunately dash cams are a hostile environment for microSD cards. The microSD card has to work in the scorching heat of our Malaysian weather, and the card has to deal with the constant recording of video data. On top of that, to write a new video file, DashCam has to constantly delete the old video files, and this is done while saving data at almost 100% capacity.

So we should not look for a microSD card that focuses on performance, but one that is designed for endurance, made with hardware and equipped with a firmware that can handle heavy removal and writing in a reliable manner.

Here is a list of patient-centric microSD cards available in Malaysia:

Sandisk high tolerance

Buy RM33.30 at 32GB Shop
Buy RM49 at 64GB Shop
Buy RM91 at 128GB Shop
Buy RM179 at 256GB Shop

Sandisk maximum tolerance

Buy RM44.88 at 32GB Shop
Buy RM66.88 at 64GB Shop
Buy RM128 at 128GB Shop
Buy RM248 at 256GB Shop

Samsung Pro Tolerance

Buy RM31.80 at 32GB Shop
Buy RM74.88 at 64GB Shop
Buy RM139 at 128GB Shop

Kingston high tolerance

Buy RM40 at 32GB Shop
Buy RM52 at 64GB Shop
Buy RM90 at 128GB Shop

I personally use SanDisk high endurance cards on my Thinkware U1000 and BlackVue DR900X dashcams and the endurance cards have enough write speed to handle 4K video recording without any problems.

SanDisk Max Endurance cards are also quite intriguing because they have a very long warranty – from 3 years for 32GB to 15 years for 256GB, but they are more expensive than the high endurance models. Samsung’s Pro Endurance has a 3 year warranty for 64GB and 5 year warranty for 128GB. Other tolerance cards usually have a 2 year warranty.

Which microSD card do you use for your dash cam? Drop a comment with your experience below!

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