Criticizing Tesla does not mean that you hate Tesla or all EVs

The Mustang Mach-E seats are very flat and slightly pinched at the back. Mercedes-AMG EQS fake powertrain sounds misleadingly high sci-fi tone that does nothing but annoy. The Volkswagen ID.4 infotainment system and internal controls want me to hit the dash with a hammer. Hyundai Ioniq 5 looks like this “Return to Future Episode II

All these nits I have to pick with different electric vehicles. One would, however, notice that none of this had to do with the overall pressure to electrify their electric powertrains or the country’s fleet of passenger vehicles. Criticizing a car does not mean that you hate it Or all cars. I mean, sad.

And yet, if anyone says something critical of Tesla, oh boy, brace for influence. And point to Eminem.

While walking the dogs a while ago, I heard this unusual, faint music coming towards me. It was a Tesla model Y8 The windows were rolled, the music must have been quiet and different from the shaking inside the car, and it definitely felt like it was coming out of the front of the car. Looking at the headlines about NHTSA Knicks with the Tesla Boom Box (but haven’t had a chance to read more yet), I wondered if this Tesla was actually using the feature. It was almost certainly.

I’m not impressed. Driving around through your windows and exploding your music for everyone to hear is offensive enough, but at least you are theoretically trying to share the experience of enjoying your music with the world? But does it play through the window outside the car? It’s just lame and weird and somehow more irrational. It’s hard to explain why, but it is. Okay, unless you’re actually doing this to warn pedestrians about the presence of your silent car, in this case, ah, good for you?

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. There was no hashtag and Autoblog Don’t retweet it. In other words, I made no attempt to propagate this opinion outside of my limited number of followers.

Although someone picked it up and opened the Tesla floodgates. Really glad I never launched a Twitter notification. Here is a sample of the responses from me in diagonal language with some cathartic comments because I will not actually respond to anything on Twitter myself.

“The front song is better than the poison gas from the back. You made the wrong choice.”

(What did I choose? Where did I say anything about what I was driving? Also, irrational music and poison gas are both bad things.

“And do you drive? Does it make noise and emit smoke from the exhaust? It’s not only annoying, it kills.”

(At least this guy thought about asking.)

“You must hate a slingshot, don’t you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone playing with it without a trash can.”

(Who said I am Hate The whole car?!? But yes, listening to music from a Polaris slingshot three-wheeler is also not a consideration. And I can’t say I’m a fan of it in general.)

“Now how do I feel about the sound of the engine.”

(Good to know. Again, I’m assuming I’m anti-EV because it’s a special feature.)

“Can we recall Harles and prevent riders from repeatedly restarting their annoying gas engines at all stops?”


“Follow the money – FUD has a vested interest against a friend Tesla.”

(This was answered directly to me. Am I the person whose meaning should be followed? Any meaning? Am I a friend? What is FUD? Googles: Fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually arise deliberately to get the competitor in trouble. So I have a vested interest, ah, Tesla is failing? I do? And can I actually do that with 1,400 Twitter followers? Holy cow! I have great power! That’s great!)

“Just drives an ice cream truck and plays music from the front and pollutes the air with its diesel engine. So lame. So neglected. Not funny. Just, no. Good salvation.”

(So ​​I’m ice cream-truck pro-ice-cream-truck now? Honestly, I didn’t think about my position on them. I’ll think about it, I’ll be back to you next week.)

“It could be a boom box, you’re probably right. You thought it was lame. It wasn’t funny to you. You felt the driver was irrational. It’s definitely something you don’t like. You said goodbye, because We’re glad this feature will be removed soon. “

(I have no idea what it is.)

“Her profile says everything you need to know …” is the senior editor of Auto Bikah Blah. She’s just angry her OEM friends could go bankrupt and not give her a free car to test for one year at a time! “

(Finally! Someone actually took the time to see who posted the original tweet. But sadly, you think I check every car for a whole year?!?)

Finally, let me just say this: I have a problem with Tesla that extends beyond playing music or fart from an external speaker. I dislike the functionality of stuffing all instruments and internal controls into a single touchscreen. Build quality was questionable from the start (I noticed first hand) Edmunds The long-term Tesla Model S, which was easily the most unreliable car to go through the long-term program in my decade). I dislike 0-60 times the public focus as the only determining factor of their supposed performance advantage – it provides an incomplete picture that actually makes a brief change to the car itself. I certainly dislike the unnecessarily opposing tone adopted by the company’s CEO and his favorite online disciples. And, above all, I’ve found the Tesla autopilot and full-self-driving features to be dangerously promising and to be used by the company’s customers as beta-testing guinea pigs.

None of this means I hate electric cars. On the contrary. The best and most attractive cars I drove last year were electric, including the Mercedes EQS, Mach-E GT, Kia EV6, Porsche Taycan and Volkswagen ID.4, internally annoying. They are the future and I look forward to examining them further, inevitable warts and all.

That doesn’t mean me either Hate Tesla. Or the company wants to fail. Or I’m shorting the company’s stock. This means that I have concerns and reasons for not recommending them to other brands for similar reasons. However, while pointing out those and other flaws, I will also mention the irresistible advantages associated with the Tesla supercharger network. Tesla with higher efficiency and battery performance. Acceleration with “Holy Cow”. With online shopping experience. How with that Edmunds The Tesla Model S was easily one of my favorite long-term ones out of many to remember or count. There was a third row seat in the back of the car, ‘Why not? With “Let’s give it a whirling door and hell with the bin counters!” A whole lot of people with that attitude seem convinced Love Things are okay, sometimes too much.

And now if you forgive me, I have to tell our social media manager, in any case, that it is time for me to promote this article.

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