Corvette Z06 design, gearing can enable a 200-mph-plus top speed

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is coming to the end of this year, and it’s hard to imagine that it will be too much teasing before critics grab the key. We are talking about a Chevrolet which, at least in one instance, is being offered with more markup than the MSRP of any other Chevrolet. The automaker continues to gather information, including the design of the Z06 and the latest in a video on the Arrow. Explaining why some aspects of the coupe were designed as such, Corvette exterior design manager Kirk Benion said the Z06 is almost as wide as the C8.R race car because engineers need to get more air in the 5.5-liter V8. Then, on the back of the engine, the designers bend and widen the extractor bezels to evacuate that larger volume of cold air.

Perhaps the best aspect of the video is a CAD rendering of the Z06’s flat floor. A nice clean arrangement of flaps, streaks and vents creates a low pressure area that provides increased downforce; The Z07 Performance Package puts 734 pounds of downforce on the car at 186 miles per hour.

The question many would like to answer is how far the Z06 can go beyond that speed. Corvette Blogger A forum member credits Mid Engine Corvette Forum Chevrolet has made its 2023 Corvette owner’s manual available for download for discovery. The book contains some fine details of living with Z06. A chart of minimum and maximum speeds for gear change reveals that the first gear operates 41 miles per hour from stagnation, the second gear operates from 9 mph to 69 mph. The driver can move 29 miles per hour to fifth place and 188 miles per hour from sixth to fifth place. The table indicates “Aero Limited” for sixth and seventh gear, so we don’t know how far 188 mph can go over sixth gear. The same chart of 2023 Stingray on the LT2 trim without the limited-slip differential in the Z51 package indicates that it can be lowered from sixth to fifth at a speed of 152 mph. Gears after the fifth are tagged with “Aero Limited”, but Stingray’s claimed maximum speed is 194 mph, 42 mph outside the chart’s highest figure. If we apply that argument to the Z06, it seems plausible that the sixth gear in the Z06 would be good for at least 12 miles per hour, taking the Z06 to double tons or more.

As Corvette Blogger Note, Z06 owners will want to read all the fine print. For example, the carbon wheel part of a car explains that the wheels need to be cooled on a track day or during a race. It would be bad news for everyone to have the spokes fixed next to a hot brake rotor.

You can watch the video above and the owner’s manual here Some wicked, and wicked fast, come this way.

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